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Launch of Environmental Literacy Campaign 2018

Ganpati Bappa  Moriya !!!!! Ganesha Chaturthi was celebrated at the Indian Institute of Forest Management. Looking at the 21st-century environmental challenges, the emphasis was given on celebrating the festival in an eco-friendly manner. This included the activities such as celebrating the festival with minimal use of plastic, reuse of decoration materials, hundred percent clay idol with no artificial colours used for painting, nirmalya composting, eco-friendly immersion in artificial pond and plantation of a sapling from the clay of idol on the last day. On the Auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, with the blessing of lord Ganesha, we the green managers of IIFM are glad to announce the successful launch of Environmental Literacy Campaign – 2018, to be conducted on 26 th to 28 th October at our own city of lakes, Bhopal. ELC is a small step towards conservation of nature and taking sustainability to the masses. COME, PARTICIPATE & LEARN ELC_2018_Brochure Gl


Govinda aala re....... aala !!!!!! Umang, the Cultural club of IIFM once again brought the smile and joy on the faces of students by organising Janmashtami and reminded the culture of family celebration and strong relations among the IIFM family. The buzz could be felt from the day before the Janmashtami itself with students forming their teams for the event and some student running around to get all the stuff from the market, to make sure that event went successfully. As we have the tradition and culture, the event started with Puja, and some students have taken fast also. Janmashtami celebrated in mess lawn which was well decorated. The ceremony started with much-anticipated "Matki-Phod" around eight teams participated six-member each was present to show their skills and take home the crown. Water rained down by the other alternate squad on the team. And cheering from the crowd and the "hoo-haa, hoo-haa" of the teams all added to pump up the whole a

IIfm-Life Changing Experience

The very clich├ęd advice of ‘dream big’ has been a part of my everyday life while growing up. Aunts, uncles, grandparents, including those of my peers would only have those two words to say to me at family events, festivals, and even birthday parties! Over the course of time, it had all become very meaningless to me, mostly because whatever I had ‘dreamt’ of as a child had not quite taken shape. I had dreamt of being in the veterinary sciences, medical sciences, animation sciences too, but they weren’t quite realistic, at least not for someone like me. Herein comes the importance of where I am now. The Indian Institute of Forest Management, Bhopal. This past year has been a year of many firsts: My first degree, my first successful attempt at a competitive exam, my first interview as an adult and my first dream that came true. I have heard of so many people, working or studying at places that only the cream of the cream go to, who are only just surviving because they must. The