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Sreyamsa Bairiganjan

My quest for some regular contributors for this blog has yielded some result :) and now we have Sreyamsa Bairiganjan on board (No buddy you are not getting any money. Your are FoB. Free on Board ). Sreyamsa is from PFM (06-08) batch and dreams to be an eco-preneur who will build Art Villages and make big in area of eco-tourism (Sadly, some people could not see this as a big opportunity  and failed to appreciate his business model properly and he was shown the door in third round in a popular channels budding entrepreneur competition. Do not worry dear, most people fail to understand 'the double bottom line'..) He is also Student Coordinator for Alumni Affairs and the guy to be blamed or credited for Alumni Meet and for the new Alumni website. OIS (Orkut Intelligence Serivce) informs that he is quite good at building a fan following wherever he goes and loves Eagles (his songs only), Bryan Adams, Kishor Kumar and Hemant Kumar.

The Monks who lived in Mumbai

One month into our respective OTs and once again that feeling .... "Ek mahine kya kiya ....kahan gaya yeh mahina " :) Again a hustle to gear up and start writing our reports before its too late. Again the same question by one and all over the phone/chats/scraps..."Kitna hua? Report start kiya kya ?? " Live here from Mumbai :) Mumbai is beautiful....The people here are very nice...everybody gives you a patient listening on anything you have to say (whether the matter being discussed is of their interest or not doesn't really matter to them) The huge red buses with people sticking out at all odd angles remind you of the fevicol ad.... initially hesitant i travelled in an auto for two days but their jet age meters sent me scurrying to catch a bus(who cares about the angle i stick out at now) A few bones crushed but i saved Rs 70 per day ;) Twice i forgot the advice meted out to me by my someone special ;) ... Forgot to stand near the bus door close to my stop

IIFMightes in Development Sector

                                                -Prashant Mishra (PFM 2002-04) Completing 4 years of my sojourn in the development sector almost six years after passing through the lofty IIFM gate (the water tank) for the first time, I am reflecting about how the journey has been so far and what lies ahead for me… or rather, for us. Always keen to work for the development sector since my graduation days, I joined the 13th Batch of IIFM in June 2000. Experiencing the course in the next two years made me sure that I was meant for the grassroots and so did both my OTs with grassroots organizations – SRIJAN and PRADAN. In the same spirit, I joined PRADAN in 2002 just 15 days after passing out from IIFM. I worked with some of the poorest people of the country in the Vidisha Project of PRADAN, in a small place called Sironj. It was a real eye opener for me – I had no idea how hollow all claims of development, cried hoarse by the media, were. I witnessed the abject poverty resulting from a