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Comedy of errors....

Yesterday, Madhu came to Hyderabad to join SKS… She had already informed Jyoti and Aparupa regarding her arrival….but because Aparupa was in a meeting , Jyoti alone went to station to receive Madhu… Now when we came out of meeting, Aparupa called Madhu and Jyoti about whether they found each other or not…. Read the conversation below...…keep in mind the respective accent of all three ladies, how they express when they are exasperated and you will enjoy it the most..... Place : AeA Office, Lakdi ka Pul, Hyderabad Aparupa(To Madhu): कहा है तु? ट्रेन आ गयी क्या? ज्योती मिली तुझे? ( Madhu, Where r u? Has train arrived, U met Jyoti? ) Madhu: (something-something from that side…which meant that she was unable to contact Jyoti yet) Aparupa: ठीक है...तु रुक , मैं ज्योति को फोन करती हूँ (Ok u wait there, i will call jyoti) Aparupa : (calls Jyoti)…तू पहुँची नही अभी तक ?..(Jyoti..u didnt reachded there yet?? ) Jyoti: (something-something which meant she is trying to call Madhu…she

Some Pics from Cote D'Ivoire

A tale of ex-IIFM Faculty

First my where abouts: am in puri right now and involved in few small works........ Today we went to visit Bhubneswar 60 kms from puri, along with my colleague Jayesh (XIM passout ), Vipin and Ruchita (interns from IIM-L). We visited dhaulgiri the budhist stup and Nandankanan zoo and XIM. The third place got my worst fears up........... Oh god i shud not see Mr Neeraj (guys u remmber him na) and that came true. I thought he wud not recognize me for he taught for 30 days or so only but he did recignize and then the worst things .............. he did not ask anything reg me or IIFM for the whole five minutes.................... during this he did takd to jayesh and IIM L Interns regarding some of his acuaintances but nothing reg IIFM, donot know why but its a part of ettiquete that u do not ignore a specific person in group. Conclusion: Donotknow if he was sort of screwed up during his five year stay at IIFM , but he has not changed with his attitude and communication.............. yes