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Thanx a ton seniors

Thank you seniors for the amazing party arranged for the new pfm2006 batch. The efforts to bridge the gap between the seniors and the juniz are worth admiring. Hope to have more get-togethers in the year to come and many other occasions wherein we come in contact with the veteran lot.thanx a ton and lets get IIFM rockin!!!.  

How to Contribute to IIFMight Blog

>>>Who Can Contribute to IIFMight's Blog All IIFMights (Current Students and Alumni) are requested to contribute to blogs. We invite contribution from non-IIFMights, if it is related with IIFM/IIFMights. >>> How to contribute ? If you are registered on you can send me a request to be added as contributor for the blog and we will add you. One can also send his/her contribution the following id and it will be published on the site. For registration request or sending contributions contact at san1378(at)Gmail(dot)com. >>> Is there any restrictions or guidelines for posting on the site? You can post absolutely anything which you would like but it would be great if you are posting something related IIFM, PGDFM, your experiences in work field/at IIFM or related to sectors which IIFM caters to. Post/Contributions should not contain any vulgarity/obscenity or personal attack, grudges and one should keep in mind that all the contributions ar

If you वांट to post to the site!

Hi Friends, All those ppl who are interested in posting at this site ( you can post any event, any thing you feel like sharing to others),can post to this site. There is no restriction on what one can post, but one must have the some considerations in mind as all the post will be open for general viewing. I am trying to creat a chronoligcal list of blogs(about events and life at IIFM) so that our juniors,or any one can see that. For more info and getting the user id mail me at

Badminton Tournament at IIFM

After a week of competitive badminton on campus the Tournament Finals wereheld today.Thank you to all participants and volunteer officials (referees and linesmen)Congratulations to the winners and more so to the semifinalists andfinalists without whom we would have no winners:-)Mr.Rathore was kind enough to take time off to watch the Finals. He wasalso very helpful in arranging for the shutllecocks at the last moment.In addition to the tournament finals, we also had 4 exhibition matcheswith Mr. Biswas and Lokesh(PFM05) who got together and showed everyone howto combine presision placement(Mr Biswas) with powerful shots(Lokesh).Unfortunately, two enthusiasts among the faculty, Mr. A.K. Bhattacharyaand Mr. Amitabh Pandey could not join us today.A big surprise was the appearance of the Director Sir,  who came to watch and also played an informal doubles match. It was refreshing to see thatthough he was not a good player he had no issues about playing and wasactually enjoying himself wi