Saturday, September 08, 2018


Govinda aala re....... aala !!!!!!

Umang, the Cultural club of IIFM once again brought the smile and joy on the faces of students by organising Janmashtami and reminded the culture of family celebration and strong relations among the IIFM family.
The buzz could be felt from the day before the Janmashtami itself with students forming their teams for the event and some student running around to get all the stuff from the market, to make sure that event went successfully.
As we have the tradition and culture, the event started with Puja, and some students have taken fast also.

Janmashtami celebrated in mess lawn which was well decorated. The ceremony started with much-anticipated "Matki-Phod" around eight teams participated six-member each was present to show their skills and take home the crown. Water rained down by the other alternate squad on the team. And cheering from the crowd and the "hoo-haa, hoo-haa" of the teams all added to pump up the whole atmosphere. It all ended with a team completed the task in Just 35 seconds, followed by grand dinner in a mess.
It was a wonderful experience and some memories to cherish for the rest of our days at IIFM.

"Experience cold or heat, pleasure or pain
these experience are fleeting,
they come and go, bear them patiently."
-----------------------Bhagwat Geeta.

Glimpses of Matki Phod:

Written By: NavNeet Dimri (PFM 2017-19)
Organising Credits: Team Umang
Photo Credits: Vicky.

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