Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Time to start again!!!

More than a year has passed when I left those lofty gates. But still, not even a single day has gone, when I have not missed them.

I don’t have words to express my gratitude to IIFM. Wherever I am standing now, it’s because of that alma mater of mine. And, I am sure many of you must be feeling the same.Justify Full

After passing out from there, I had so many new experiences and believe me all those new experiences would not have happened had I not joined IIFM.

Why IIFM”?
The question which started from GD/PI…. And still, continues…..

I really feel so sad to see that this page is not so happening as it was thought of during the days of its inception. This page was meant to reconnect with each other. I know all of us are busy in our daily lives juggling between office and home, field visits and desk work, starting with new endeavors….

But still, we can definitely take out some time to write a blog for this platform now and then.

We owe at least this much to IIFM!!!

A proud IIFMight!!!

Swati Agrawal