Thursday, January 07, 2010

Two plus two years later....

Last week when i was going through the pile of snaps on my hard disk, i found the ones taken a month into IIFM, with the batch mates still trying to know each other and adjust to each other. The first two months are a good enough measure of what life is going to be at IIFM over the next two years.

Passing out of IIFM , one tends to feel sad. You think of the time you spent with your friends over the last two years and then all of a sudden you realise that this is it... No more late for class syndrome...No more news paper wrapped breakfasts...No more 5 minute extensions for submitting the assignments...No more late night chai's at Nehru Nagar !!!!

First month into the job and you invariably feel that you are a misfit. You are a misfit for the kind of work that you are doing, you are a misfit for the kind of town you are staying in and you are a misfit for your clothes as well (Weight issues etc:))

What after 2 years ?? Post two years you realize a few things...You are not a complete misfit after all. Work is good once you start enjoying what you are doing, finding the work that you really enjoy doing is the tricky part (I've been lucky enough to get the work that i really enjoy a month into my job) The seniors from IIFM are always around to teach you the tricks n trades of the new job (They are there to watch your back at times when you goof up) Its something which keeps passing on to every generation from IIFM who joins a new organization.. By 2 years you also start to see the future much more positively, this confidence comes with good work to back you up.

You also realise that its not possible to keep in touch with buddies as frequently as you promised to, but then you take consolation from the fact that all the marriages in the batch are like mini alumni meets and get togethers for the batch. You end up scolding the others about not calling you more often etc etc. and the same excuse always manages to shine through "I was swamped with work" and somehow thats the response you want, its great to see all the buddies doing well in their respective jobs and what better a measure than "Lots of work !!!!!"

IIFM always ends up giving you more than what you expected, be it career wise or be it in terms of the close friendships for life.... it manages to surprise you when you are least expecting it.

So four years after setting foot at IIFM for the first time, all I can say that it has been good. Really good !!!!!!!!!!


Sonal said...

:).. again a nice blog.. u ought to be a writer.. i told u i m gonna open a publishing house fr u, sunil n others in few years or so.. :)
..though have moved in life.. gt married n all.. but truly realise that its my IIFM frenzz who stand fr me anytime i need them.. n actually i ws a brief part of the alumni meet at my weddin but i m gonna rock at urs ;)

Siddharth said...

Perfect reflections, Shrey!

WLC College India said...

Hi shrey..well this is one feeling that probably every student will share the same. I am also a student doing my post graduation at wlc college and is about to complete the course. Going through the same. Leaving your friends, teacher and college is a pain. But, as we have to move on, i thank my college from bottom of my heart.