Thursday, November 20, 2008

Reminiscence Ruminations

Another Alumni Meet has passed. This time, it was the M.P. Chapter. We had 22 confirmations. Twelve came.
Well, I am very happy with the Meet this time (of course, learnings are always there!).  For one, the event was refreshingly organized – and all efforts of the Alumni Committee, and of Dhaval, were there for everyone to see. Second, there was a much better co-ordination between the Clubs and their events. Third, volume-wise, many more turned up – both, from the alumni and the students’ side. Of course, volumes in these cases are always something to crib about, but I’m not going to do that – I’m just too happy. Fourth, and most important, I perceived the alumni to be happy. I really hope the word spreads and we have much better numbers next time.
You know, we at IIFM tend to take things for granted… either our future or our relationships. I did. IIFM has made me go through the most tumultuous relationships in my life. I have faltered time and again. But hope lingers. Rather, it keeps popping up every now and then and makes me cry. Like the time last week when my dearest friends put up a surprise birthday party for me by the bridge on the moat. It gives me hope – that I’m loved, and will be loved, wherever I go after IIFM. It gives me strength I’ll draw on all my life. And I’m sure every alumnus feels this way. But something still stops us from coming back.
Is it because the people made the place worth living and not the Institute? Maybe. But hey! People are still there… Give us a chance to know you… Give us a chance to come out of our shells… 
Siddharth Iyer PFM 09

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