Saturday, November 22, 2008

Change for good ?

A few years back in search of an institution which can add some value to my CV, I ended up at the gates of IIFM. I was there for my GD/PI. I was about to leave the auto at the gate itself, but the auto-driver told me the institute is about one km up on the hilltop and he was right as I could not see anything from the gate apart from trees in different stage of their lifecycle and a big clump of bamboos (a few months later I realized that these bamboos have their own family 'poaceae' and subfamily 'Bambusoideae'.. etc..etc.. thanks to IIFM course-curriculum).
The auto-ride from IIFM gate to IIFM main-building confirmed one thing that this place is worth spending two years. I had already started thinking of my life at hilltop. A few hours later, post my GD/PI (which ensured that if the selection committee had nothing against my face and my 'bihari' accented English, I was almost in.) I saw some faces oozing familiarity to the surrounding and moving towards bushes adjacent to old hostel buildings. I followed them a bit hesitantly and reached a place which gave mesmerizing view to a water body, Bhopal city and the sun set. I was at 'Sunset Point'.  To hell with placement figures and apprehension of joining a sectoral b-school, this is the place to spend two years.
Seven-eight months later, sunset point was part of our life. The rocks there carry ancient paintings and have been part of memories of many lifelong partnerships. Not to mention, the area surrounding sunset point being a good habitat for peacocks and birds. 
Now, about a couple of weeks ago, a mail landed in my mail box conveying the sad news. The new expansion plan of IIFM is going to result in constructions around 'sunset point' . They are going to build faculty houses in that area; there is going to be sunset for sunset point. There is nothing much I can do here apart from making a sincere request to concerned decision-makers to think about the proposed construction plan. IIFM campus is big enough to accommodate houses for each and every member of IIFM family, the sun set point can be left alone.
But, I must confess I do not have the full picture. There are not many ways that we can get unless decision makers start using some of the tools IIFM advocates and champions. Stakeholder Analysis, Participatory Decision Making, EIA... these words are probably used most on this Bhopal hilltop than anywhere else.


Anonymous said...

I support thee for the cause mentioned!!

Subhrajyoti Saha said...

Sunset point is a small opening on a rocky outcrop behind the girl's hostel.

The path to the point is not apparent and many a times I have found myself struggling with the wild growth. (always bad in treading the beaten track you see ;-) )

Its almost part of IIFM's heritage that the seniors will introduce the juniors to this magnificient place.

It gives you one of the most breathtaking view of upper lake from the hilltop.

Many many evenings have been spent in that place, in the midst of friends or just in solace.

IIFM usually is extremely sensitive in maintaining the pristineness of the reserve forest (which the hilltop is classified to be) and makes every changes after close deliberation.

In fact this is very much evident from the "sunset point" from where you can see the MNIT campus, which looks like a blot in an otherwise picturesque landscape.

If the concern raised by Santosh is indeed a distinct possibility, I request all IIFMites to oppose it.

Subhrajyoti Saha, pfm 2006

Sreyamsa said...

The talk of a life at IIFM is never complete without the sunset point. Some of the best pictures are the one's of the lake surrounding IIFM from this point itself. Plus apart from the paintings,the caves serve as a habitat for porcupines as was discovered by a few friends and me.
In a recent visit to IIFM, I saw workers constructing what seemed like a wall around the area which leads to the sunset point. Whether its a house or not, the fact remains that the area has been tampered with which is not a great sign. Construction for expansion is good ....but at what cost ????? Definitely not at the cost of one of the most precious memories that each IIFMite treasures.

Gitesh Gunjan said...

Very rightly mentioned by Santosh Sir.. that the new constructions can be done at any other place as our campus is having a huge area of land. Why to spoil the beauty of that place - The Sunset Point, the place without which we cannot talk about our IIFM memories. I hope the Nature Biggies and decision makers of IIFM will definitely look into the matter.

Unknown said...

Sunset point is one of the most integral part of the set of cherished memories of IIFM. There is no dearth of space in our campus, hence i see no rationale in destroying the wilderness and serenity of this heritage site of ours.

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