Friday, January 25, 2008

The 'Imapatient Optimist' calls for'Creative Capitalism'

Mr. Bill Gates has already divulged his plans to move from 'active role at' Microsoft to 'full time role at' Bill Gates and Millinda Gates

Foundation, the world's biggest philanthropic foundation. The man who changed the way people work and think, is now gearing up for some 'noble' cause. The self declared 'impatient optimist' commented ""In the coming decades we will have astonishing new abilities to diagnose illness, heal disease, educate the world's children, create opportunities for the poor and harness the world's brightest minds to solve our most difficult problems.".

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

IIFM Placement 2008

I cannot believe myself that I am writing this post. I am going to write about our Placements (PGDFM 2008). Last time when I wrote about our seniors’ placements, it was more of Information Sharing. Now I have realized the process and the ecstasy, smile, pain, desperation, tears attached with the process. Yes, Placement Process itself is great learning experience. Though I was out of the process (because of PPO from OT-II organization) still I felt the heat and now most happy like all other batch mates.
Placement 2008 is over and like the previous years, we achieved 100% placement in no time. PGDFM 2008 rocks!! We started where our seniors had left and with great satisfaction. Our batch’s placement is more precedent in a sense that almost everybody got the job in the sector they wanted. Be it Microfinance, be it Corporate or Environment, every one has gone to his or her desired field. IIFM is best in this aspect that it offers equal space to everybody and our batch has been able to fit itself in the desired space.
The placement process was over in two days as almost the whole batch was placed in those two days. Though one org. delayed the declaration of result but surely when it confirmed the celebration got intensified and more “spirited”.
Microfinance is most buzzing word and being a specialized institution, IIFM has been able to maintain this niche area that has been built up over the years. This year almost 16 people are directly dealing with Microfinance. Fourteen students in SKS Microfinance and two students in Development Credit Bank Ltd. Package for SKS is Seven Lac while it is Six Lac for DCBL. On corporate arena, one is joining ICICI Bank while five are joining HDFC Bank. FINO, the technology provider for financial institutions, selected one.
Thanks to our seniors, Marketing Research Organization like International Market Research Bureau (IMRB) came down to campus and recruited four students with package of 5.6 Lac. Apart from DCBL, the organizations who made inroad this time to offer diversification in placements are Indian Oil Corporation, IMS Learning Resource, Emergent Venture India (EVI) and Cantor C02e India. IOCL took two for its Biofuel operations. IMS and EVI each selected two. Consultancy firm Cantor C02e India has recruited one for Carbon Trading related operation. Another research institute, IFMR (Centre for Development Finance) selected one. The only oversea placement was offered by Global Timber Trading Org. Olam International with package of about 25 lakh and in the forestry sector the only Job was offered by Harihar Polyfibre (Part of Aditya Birla Group).
Prof. Biswas as Placement Chairperson has done amazing work for our placement and a large part of placement success can be attributed to his efforts. Kudos to the Placement Committee, especially Abhinav (placement Cordi) and Prashant (OT Cordi) for their hard work. Guys, we are thankful to you and you both deserve treat from each of us. Now its party time, so getting ready for the blast!!!!!
[The figures are approximate and exact figure will come on Official site of IIFM-]