Monday, December 17, 2007

In the forest of night

"In the Forest of Night" just stumbled upon this blog somehow in the blogosphere.. okey not somehow .. but out of my knack for finding IIFM related blogs on web. So here is a blog not that regularly updated but written passionately about 'Forest'.. written by an IIFMight.

IIFMight, who is "happy in his work, happy enough in the knowledge of his friends moving on to much better paying jobs, yet expressing their wonder at his work and how meaningful it is, he is also happy enough to somehow fob off the jibes of those who attempt to show him at his lowly place as compared to others of his qualification and background."

A glimpse of what is there..

"Renaissance for nothing less would do to save the ecosystems people that we used to be – from the impending doom looming large over us.
Ecology shall be soon ingrained in the heart of the neighbourhood friendly person. Ecology would no longer remain a subject taught at premier institutes and researched upon to gain innumerable doctorates, nor would it relegated to a handful of professionals who find it difficult to disperse the idea of a sustainable ecology to the so called teeming millions. Ecology would be instead the basic understanding through which we understand and appreciate processes of the ecosystem we live in."

And before that I had stumbled acroos one more blog, that too, by an alumnus and all I can say that was somewhat not the kind of blog I would like to see as an IIFMight. Though the blog was self defeating and the post can describe more about the author than the things he seemed to describe.

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