Friday, October 26, 2007

The Monks who lived in Mumbai

One month into our respective OTs and once again that feeling .... "Ek mahine kya kiya ....kahan gaya yeh mahina " :)

Again a hustle to gear up and start writing our reports before its too late.

Again the same question by one and all over the phone/chats/scraps..."Kitna hua? Report start kiya kya ?? "

Live here from Mumbai :)

Mumbai is beautiful....The people here are very nice...everybody gives you a patient listening on anything you have to say (whether the matter being discussed is of their interest or not doesn't really matter to them)

The huge red buses with people sticking out at all odd angles remind you of the fevicol ad.... initially hesitant i travelled in an auto for two days but their jet age meters sent me scurrying to catch a bus(who cares about the angle i stick out at now) A few bones crushed but i saved Rs 70 per day ;)

Twice i forgot the advice meted out to me by my someone special ;) ... Forgot to stand near the bus door close to my stop..... RESULT: I got down 2 stops later and took an auto back to my office :)

Enough of Buses,Now i decided that it was time to go for the locals :)

Locals are either fast or slow...slow meaning stopping at every damn station out there and fast meaning not stopping at your desired destination at all :D

There is an unwritten rule for the Mumbai local trains : You dont get in or get out of the locals..... all you have to do is place yourself strategically in front of the train door and the crowd will push you in or throw you out. Similar to the escalators that we see in malls :) in a bit cruder way i guess.

If you end up carrying a newspaper in the local, then God save you. People jostle for better places within the overcrowded compartment to read a bit from your paper. It might sound okay but it is scary when u see 3-4 people pushing and jostling with others to get to you. And when they finally get to you...its a 220 watt toothy grin that they flash at you before getting busy with your newspaper....sometimes even throwing angry looks at you if the article is not upto their mark :)

And now :) A Ravi Special :)

One fine Sunday, the three of us( Ravi/Shoumik n me) managed to roam around most of Mumbai.
Lunch time and we ended up in a fine restaurant "New Yorkers" :)
On entering we were offered a puzzle paper and pencil to play with..... Pandey and me got busy solving it with Shoumik giving us revolting looks :) when we succeeded in solving a few puzzles and looked up to see who else had done it.
We found kids aged less than 10 busy with their puzzle papers while their parents ate on. The grown ups were offered menus and magazines.... I wonder how did we end up with the puzzle papers :) Our interest in the solving the rest of the puzzle paper went down distinctly after this revelation.

We ordered a sizzler..... and Ravi discovered why is a sizzler named so. The first scoop that he picked was that of the boiling hot chocolate sauce (It was looking great...can't blame the poor fellow) and put it in his mouth. He went blank after that and Shoumik laughing at Ravi picked up another scoop ...only to spill it on his own hand and start yelling :)

Went out and had a few soda's after that with Pandeyji ordering the most colourful soda's. Shoumik clicked snaps of all the funny coloured and funny tasting soda's that he picked naming his snap as the colours of India :)

Mumbai is great...busy place but the people really do care in here :) And i'm in love with the local trains and the buses and so is Ravi :)

Pandey n Shoumik have been great pals as usual...never saying no to me...and moving around the city has been delightful with both of them.
Ravi is genuinely funny and Shoumik is the great lazy thinker :) Amazing pals :)

Now to all our batchmates.....Have a great OT you all. Remember at the end of it we are all budding managers (and expert report writers according to some of our faculty).
so manage yourselves/ Write a great report/ Get a PPO....most importantly manage your money well and send some of it to the three of us in here at Mumbai :) We'll have another sizzler at "New Yorkers" and no puzzle solving this time :)


smarta said...

hi mr cool....this blog is mind blowing....really....
in the whole story i like the local train part.....and regarding mumbai...dude afterall its ammchi mumbai......and one more thing specially this report imspired me too much...and dude i will also follow ur rules from april onwards......
and plz prepare this kind of internal report which definitely give me more inspiration......

Unknown said...

so.... this is what life in mumbai is... its very tough to manage in mumbai.... bt i'm sure mumbai will be rocking fr u after sme days.....

Anonymous said...

Was a reluctant reader of blogs. So when this old chap avi suggested reading his friends i was very sceptical.
Have to say this.... I'm finally commenting on it let alone read it.

I've lived in Mumbai for 3 years and never felt like a part of the city. This one funny piece has made me look back at my Mumbai days with fondness. Loved this entry man.
Your style is amazing.It truly was Mumbai live :) will recommend it to my other friends. Keep writing. You have a blessed flow of words.Use it.Waiting for your next piece.