Friday, September 07, 2007

Changes at IIFM

For quite some time we have been listening about introducing new courses and increasing batch strength at IIFM, but it has come into effect now. So the batch intake has gone from 45 to 60 and IIFM now offers three specialization (earlier we had electives to choose from) viz. Environment Management, Development Management and Forest Management.

The PGDFM (Post Graduate Diploma in Forestry Management) has been renamed as PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management). Though it would be like PGDM-EM (for Environment Management), PGDM-DM (for Development Management) and PGDM-FM (for Forest Management)

The other significant change is scrapping of M.Phil course and introduction of 4 year Fellow Program.

IIFM is now inviting application for both the programs, one can get more information and download the application form from the following links.

Application Form for 2 Years Post Graduate Program

Application Form for 4 years Fellow Program.

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Anonymous said...

dear friend- another big one is- very soon our IIFm will be "Indian Institute of Enviornment & Forest Management" (IIEFM);
So much for branding IIFM.