Saturday, June 23, 2007

Passion, Not Pedigree..

I have been getting some emails and PMs on different forums from IIFM aspirants (thanks to this blog), all asking either how to get into, and if they have already made it, then how to get best of everything (read fat pay packages, though these questions have never been that straight, but you can easily derive the real meaning) from IIFM.

Though I do not have much credentials to talk about Do's and Don'ts at IIFM and How to Get What You Want as only few years back I was wondering about the same. But I can surely say that it is Passion and Pedigree, which matters. I have seen my seniors, batch mates (and colleagues ranging from Harvard to IIM A) and they made it big for the only reason that they were really Passionate about those things.

"Passion, not pedigree, will win in the end." Bon Jovi really gave the winning mantra when he uttered the above words. IIFM alumni list is full of those who believed strongly in something from day one and proved the above statement right.

I can vividly remember our placement session, the first question asked to me about any organization participating in the placement process was " what is the pay package?". People who had come to IIFM singing peans for development sector and activism for poor and downtrodden, did terpsichorean march towards jobs with fat pay packets and little social motive. But a few opted for, what they wanted from day one, and did everything to be there, even that came with very mediocre pay package. And I an only say that they are in far better position. (This para will make many people question and point finger towards the writer... but still...).

The best thing about being passionate about a particular cause, sector, job is that 'if you are really really passionate' the job does not become a job only but a pleasure. So you do not say 'Thanks God, Sunday' but 'Great! Today is Monday'. And when work is passion, growth and satisfaction are there for taking.

I strongly think 'Pedigree' is the word better applicable to 'Dogs' (when it comes to performance) than not to humans. So be passionate and be different........

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Akhand said...

Thought would let everybody know - I just got one more Passion (passion plus - alloy wheels.. looks great)

Waise i dnt have any TGIF or GTIM...he he I work only on weekends :)