Sunday, March 04, 2007

Good Bye Seniors

Well it had to happen one day..if we have the chance that suits us to say "NO"..the "NO" would have been emphatic and roaring.
But Alas!
So this is good bye to all our seniors.
We will miss you.
One way or another, You have had quite an impact on this place and on us.
And you will leave quite a gap here.
But we would not have shortage of memories.
We will remember you for being affectionate.
We will remember you for being caring.
We will remember you for being friendly.
We will remember you for being kind and warm.
We will remember you as elder brother and sister.
If we are honest, we will also remember you for your love...the love which can not be measured by any unit of the world.
Most of all, though, we will remember all for you for being a great person to have around.
What ever you do in life, please carry this bond which has grown over in this two year of life at IIFM.
IIFMight rocks.
[Post contributed by Soumik, PFM08]

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