Friday, March 09, 2007

Good Bye IIFM..

(This is the valedictory speech given by Sudhanshu Bashkar** on Thanks Giving Dinner for placement)

" I will start my story from my interview. I was asked to tell something about myself. A tongue slip costed me dear there. I said " I have good humor". I was asked "How?". I said " I can predict your questions?"


"From Miss Universe to MBA interviews all questions are same!"

Interview panel laughed. I was waitlisted candidate.

Then I came here, classes started. We received assignment. I came to know about great importance of something called "Google"! You get readymade assignment in every file format.

I said "Its unethical"

I was told "Management is all how well you mobilize your resources". So I also started following the league.

Then there were exams, I scored well in those paper in which I didn't know well and I scored "Not so well" where I thought I had "Core Competence". Then, I, found a strong "Statistical Positive Correlation" between no of sheets and your score. Then I started a strategy which I won't disclose here.

Now, about my "Friends". People, whom I thought were my friends, were proven to be my toughest enemy. For 5% "Class Participation", they attacked me like starved lion. They tore my presentation apart. I could not differentiate between my friends and the cannibals on that day.

Then I started participation in sports. "Healthy Body Healthy Mind". I started going to play Tennis court in early morning. In two days, I realized that "Undulating Topography" has profound impact on the overall well being of human being with pulled muscle and thorns on my foot. I realized that it is better to develop your competence in tennis on "Computer".

Then I went to "OT". I went there without preparation. My Reporting Officer was also waiting without preparation. Both of us did not know what to do about it. So we both enjoyed time together.

Then ours "Juniors" CAME. I have one line to say: after my "OT/FW" presentation, I know that one should not say anything conclusive. Say open ended subjective statements, which can be defended later on.

So I will say about Juniors " A Balanced Batch"

Then I got my "Job" after three rounds of Written Test, One round of "Direct Interview" for 40 minutes and one round of "Telephonic Interview" on my roaming mobile. Then my salary was cut to half that is a separate story.

Now I am delivering my valedictory speech to all of you

"Dear Faculty Members, If respect is in your heart and has no connection with words you speak, then I do respect you a lot. There are few people sitting in front of me whom I have never conveyed my feelings personally, but I respect them a lot. If ever in my life, I could become 1/10 of them I would feel succeeded. I will keep respecting you a lot from deep within my heart. I also wish to thank my friends here, who helped and motivated me in every odd situation, with whom I spent some wonderful and cherishing moments of my life. I also want to thank some of my batch mates who were a constant source of inspiration to me.

I am not ashamed to say that I have learned a lot from my juniors as well. Some of them are real thorough gentlemen and gentlewoman as well.

I want to thank you a lot and I also want to apologize for any of my unintentional wrong doing. Please do not carry any bitter feelings with you. Sorry and Thank You.

[** Sudhanshu Bshakar is a student of PFM 05- 07 batch and he has been placed with Indian Market Research Bureau (IMRB)]


soumiksletter said...

Days in IIFM..Sudhanshu sir has portrayed beautifully and so humorously.On that occasion, the Faculty were also having fun on this speech and we students too.

Anonymous said...

Good One!!!

Akhand said...

No words right now... am just moved to the core...

Anonymous said...

While its all good, I deplore the bad grammar used here. A person who came through CAT and spent 2 years writing assginments, OT reports and interacting with faculty in classes in English, must know to use correct English. It immediately puts down IIFM as a 3rd tier institution.

And the impression that an outsider will get of IIFM from reading this:

1. Plagiarisation of material for making assignments - pls note that this is a very big issue in universities world-wide and is really looked down upon - so its not something to be proud of.

2. Uselessness of Organizational trainings because neither the student nor the RO knows what has to be done to utilize the students time well.

3.Uselessness of faculty in judging exams - if only number of sheets is the judge.

4. The impotence of the placement committee in letting the student's salary get cut to half - in other campuses, such an organization would be black-listed.

So what impression are we trying to give to outsiders about IIFM through this post?

That it is a place where students cannot speak/write proper english, fill sheets uselessly to get marks, steal material from online sources to make assignments, dont do much in OT and then finally get their salaries halved in placement offers - and the organization gets away with this?

Do you think people will be enthusiastic about joining IIFM or about recruiting from IIFM after reading all this? Please introspect.

PFM 2000

Anonymous said...
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Santosh said...
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Santosh said...
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Santosh said...

First of all, welcome to IIFM blog.. and
here is one line response from my side..
You missed the humor... read the first paragraph..

Now let me clarify few things..
1. the plagiarization issue - You are underestimating our profs' (sorry for not using the queens English..)internet skills, any assignment outright plagiarized from internet can easily be detected (try CopyScape and our plain old, trustworthy Google).. Anyway Google’s role in making assignment is issue worth proper discussion.
2. Usefulness of Organizational training can be judged from the simple fact that every year we get at least 70-80 projects (that too paid offers) from different organization for a batch of 45.
Though it is true sometime you need to go to the organization and then finalize exact details of the projects or fine tune the project discussing with the people there.
3.The salary cut- The guy here was referring the CTC and in hand figure and not mention his humor coming into play.. I remember the one crore CTC package offered to at one of the IIMs and I just enquired some of my contacts there and they told that the in hand figure was no where near even 50% of CTC..
4.Now the language part and our incompetence in writing good English - Sorry to say that even I am one of those who gives a damn to Queens English and who cares these days.. and specially when it comes to blogging which is as informal platform to share views and opinion as it can be.. nobody gives much consideration. But we do write good enough English to get published in leading journal and gather accolades on big platforms.

I would like to apologize if I have sound harsh and arrogant. I would have never written this comment if it would have not been on public domain and I thought I should make somethings clears as it might be carrying some wrong notions about IIFM. I respect all my alumni and feel proud on their achievements and success. Though I would have loved if you would have been considerate on one of your juniors and cared for some mild words and along with vituperative remarks some words of guidance as well..


Pranav said...

Sunit bhaiya, relax maarein! thoda fun kar lene dein juniors ko.
I seriously think the 2 years in IIFM were the best 2 years of my life and its the same for current students too. Its a time where they grow up, make lifelong friends, build up a network of people. That is really what an MBA is about - learning from peers and building a network of people one can trust for the rest of your life. Classroom learning is important but incidental.

We know there are things about IIFM that should be improved - as am sure is the case with any other college - and that should'nt stop anyone from stating the truth in a humorous manner. The guys selected at IIFM are natural fighters - and they'll do well - English or no English.

Unknown said...

Oh!!! what a lovely expression of feelings..i ws there when sudhanshu sir delivered the kept all silent for a minute...sir do write again...