Friday, March 09, 2007

Good Bye IIFM..

(This is the valedictory speech given by Sudhanshu Bashkar** on Thanks Giving Dinner for placement)

" I will start my story from my interview. I was asked to tell something about myself. A tongue slip costed me dear there. I said " I have good humor". I was asked "How?". I said " I can predict your questions?"


"From Miss Universe to MBA interviews all questions are same!"

Interview panel laughed. I was waitlisted candidate.

Then I came here, classes started. We received assignment. I came to know about great importance of something called "Google"! You get readymade assignment in every file format.

I said "Its unethical"

I was told "Management is all how well you mobilize your resources". So I also started following the league.

Then there were exams, I scored well in those paper in which I didn't know well and I scored "Not so well" where I thought I had "Core Competence". Then, I, found a strong "Statistical Positive Correlation" between no of sheets and your score. Then I started a strategy which I won't disclose here.

Now, about my "Friends". People, whom I thought were my friends, were proven to be my toughest enemy. For 5% "Class Participation", they attacked me like starved lion. They tore my presentation apart. I could not differentiate between my friends and the cannibals on that day.

Then I started participation in sports. "Healthy Body Healthy Mind". I started going to play Tennis court in early morning. In two days, I realized that "Undulating Topography" has profound impact on the overall well being of human being with pulled muscle and thorns on my foot. I realized that it is better to develop your competence in tennis on "Computer".

Then I went to "OT". I went there without preparation. My Reporting Officer was also waiting without preparation. Both of us did not know what to do about it. So we both enjoyed time together.

Then ours "Juniors" CAME. I have one line to say: after my "OT/FW" presentation, I know that one should not say anything conclusive. Say open ended subjective statements, which can be defended later on.

So I will say about Juniors " A Balanced Batch"

Then I got my "Job" after three rounds of Written Test, One round of "Direct Interview" for 40 minutes and one round of "Telephonic Interview" on my roaming mobile. Then my salary was cut to half that is a separate story.

Now I am delivering my valedictory speech to all of you

"Dear Faculty Members, If respect is in your heart and has no connection with words you speak, then I do respect you a lot. There are few people sitting in front of me whom I have never conveyed my feelings personally, but I respect them a lot. If ever in my life, I could become 1/10 of them I would feel succeeded. I will keep respecting you a lot from deep within my heart. I also wish to thank my friends here, who helped and motivated me in every odd situation, with whom I spent some wonderful and cherishing moments of my life. I also want to thank some of my batch mates who were a constant source of inspiration to me.

I am not ashamed to say that I have learned a lot from my juniors as well. Some of them are real thorough gentlemen and gentlewoman as well.

I want to thank you a lot and I also want to apologize for any of my unintentional wrong doing. Please do not carry any bitter feelings with you. Sorry and Thank You.

[** Sudhanshu Bshakar is a student of PFM 05- 07 batch and he has been placed with Indian Market Research Bureau (IMRB)]

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Good Bye Seniors

Well it had to happen one day..if we have the chance that suits us to say "NO"..the "NO" would have been emphatic and roaring.
But Alas!
So this is good bye to all our seniors.
We will miss you.
One way or another, You have had quite an impact on this place and on us.
And you will leave quite a gap here.
But we would not have shortage of memories.
We will remember you for being affectionate.
We will remember you for being caring.
We will remember you for being friendly.
We will remember you for being kind and warm.
We will remember you as elder brother and sister.
If we are honest, we will also remember you for your love...the love which can not be measured by any unit of the world.
Most of all, though, we will remember all for you for being a great person to have around.
What ever you do in life, please carry this bond which has grown over in this two year of life at IIFM.
IIFMight rocks.
[Post contributed by Soumik, PFM08]

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