Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Microfinance Jobs

Boom in rural banking and microfinance is evident everywhere (though now people have started doubting its future as well with mushrooming MFIs and dubious practices being adopted by them, yet Microfinance is surely one of the most popular tool to reach at the Bottom of Pyramid and address provide financial services poor people), ICICI and Centre for Microfinanace have come up with job site catering specifically to Microfinance sector.

"ICICI and Centre for Microfinance(http://www.ifmr.ac.in/cmf/)has recently set up a jobsite for microfinance positions called www.microfinancejobs.com to make personnel available for careers in MFIs.
The micro finance job site is expected to recruit over 2,50,000 suitably qualified individuals for the 200 MFIs(ICICI plans to partner with)in partnership with CMF's MFI Strategy Unit (MSU) and provide them with all the necessary training. In addition to seeking applicants from the market, it proposes to tie up with a number of local business schools so that graduating MBA can find an opportunity to work in an MFI which is based in his or her neighborhood itself—this will ensure that these employees will pursue longer-term careers with the MFI and will come with, in addition to business skills, a strong facility with the local language of the region.
For any queries & information regarding Microfinancejobs.com."

This site is surely better designed and more userfriendly than other development sector job sites (http://devnetjobsindia.org http://ruralnaukri.com, while the former has very poor navigation structure, ruralnaukri.com is not free). This site has quite good info on micro-finance sector as well, and they have put some good section like Career Advice (though there is not much info at the moment specific on career advice, but since they site has been launched just recently surely they would be coming up with more.)


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