Monday, February 19, 2007

Kalpataru 2007

The gala annual function of IIFM, Kalpataru 2007 was celebrated on 17th February evening on a grand scale. The entire IIFM fraternity, including students, faculty members, staff and their family members joined together to celebrate with traditional enthusiasm and cheers. This is uniqueness of IIFM's Kalpataru. No other institutions in India have this sort of celebration where faculty members and their children take part actively.

This year evening function likewise the previous years is the grand finale of the week long cultural and sports literary and adventure events. The programme lasted for three hours. The kalpataru 2007 is very very special because this is the Silver Jubilee year of IIFM. This was adequately reflected by the colourful and cheerful cultural gala presented by the students and children of IIFM family on this final day.

On 17th evening, while inaugurating the Kalpataru 2007, Shri Hari Mohan Gupta, resident editor, Dainik Jagaran and Pro-Vice Chairman of DPS, Bhopal- Indore expressed his happiness on the progress made by IIFM in the academic and management filed over these 25 years. He congratulated the outgoing students of IIFM, who have acquired appreciable campus placements, that are comparable to top management schools in the country. Prof. D.K. Bandyopadhaya, director IIFM welcomed the Chief Guest and other invites of function. Prof. Suprava Patnaik , Chairperson Of Students affairs briefed the guests about the significance of this grand annual event and hoe this tradition has become part parcel of IIFM community life.

Chosen students are facilitated with various awards. The list is as follows:

Best OT-one---- Ashish Mallik, Kumar Abhishek.

Best OT two----Kurjekar Kaustabh Balachandran.

Best Literary Person--- Sunil Rajagopal( PFM 08).

Best Cultural Person---Ravi Pandey(PFM 08)

Best sports man---Kallol Mandal(PFM08)& Tarvider Singh(PFM07)

Best sportswoman- Bigsna Gill(PFM07)

Matreyi Memorial Prize for best all-rounder—Kallol Mandal(PFM08)

(Post contributed by Soumik of PFM 2008 batch)


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Nitin Bagla said...

Thanks guys for the updates....

Anonymous said...

If the jan 26th weekend had been used for Kalpataru a large number of us were planning to come over

Injun Gone Loco said...

If the jan 26th weekend had been used for Kalpataru a large number of us were planning to come over