Monday, February 26, 2007

M Phil. Admission

Some prospective M Phil students sent me emails regarding M Phil courses and related information. I thought it would be better to get someone who knows this course inside out. So I asked Nitin Bassi  (M Phil 2006 batch) regarding this and he has kindly agreed to take some time out from his schedule and answer those queries. So those seeking help can contact him on his email id:

bassi43(at) gmail (dot) com

Please keep in mind that for all official enquiries send your emails at

admission (at)iifm (dot) ac (dot) in

Please click here to get to official webpage for M Phil admission.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Microfinance Jobs

Boom in rural banking and microfinance is evident everywhere (though now people have started doubting its future as well with mushrooming MFIs and dubious practices being adopted by them, yet Microfinance is surely one of the most popular tool to reach at the Bottom of Pyramid and address provide financial services poor people), ICICI and Centre for Microfinanace have come up with job site catering specifically to Microfinance sector.

"ICICI and Centre for Microfinance( recently set up a jobsite for microfinance positions called to make personnel available for careers in MFIs.
The micro finance job site is expected to recruit over 2,50,000 suitably qualified individuals for the 200 MFIs(ICICI plans to partner with)in partnership with CMF's MFI Strategy Unit (MSU) and provide them with all the necessary training. In addition to seeking applicants from the market, it proposes to tie up with a number of local business schools so that graduating MBA can find an opportunity to work in an MFI which is based in his or her neighborhood itself—this will ensure that these employees will pursue longer-term careers with the MFI and will come with, in addition to business skills, a strong facility with the local language of the region.
For any queries & information regarding"

This site is surely better designed and more userfriendly than other development sector job sites (, while the former has very poor navigation structure, is not free). This site has quite good info on micro-finance sector as well, and they have put some good section like Career Advice (though there is not much info at the moment specific on career advice, but since they site has been launched just recently surely they would be coming up with more.)


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Monday, February 19, 2007

Kalpataru 2007

The gala annual function of IIFM, Kalpataru 2007 was celebrated on 17th February evening on a grand scale. The entire IIFM fraternity, including students, faculty members, staff and their family members joined together to celebrate with traditional enthusiasm and cheers. This is uniqueness of IIFM's Kalpataru. No other institutions in India have this sort of celebration where faculty members and their children take part actively.

This year evening function likewise the previous years is the grand finale of the week long cultural and sports literary and adventure events. The programme lasted for three hours. The kalpataru 2007 is very very special because this is the Silver Jubilee year of IIFM. This was adequately reflected by the colourful and cheerful cultural gala presented by the students and children of IIFM family on this final day.

On 17th evening, while inaugurating the Kalpataru 2007, Shri Hari Mohan Gupta, resident editor, Dainik Jagaran and Pro-Vice Chairman of DPS, Bhopal- Indore expressed his happiness on the progress made by IIFM in the academic and management filed over these 25 years. He congratulated the outgoing students of IIFM, who have acquired appreciable campus placements, that are comparable to top management schools in the country. Prof. D.K. Bandyopadhaya, director IIFM welcomed the Chief Guest and other invites of function. Prof. Suprava Patnaik , Chairperson Of Students affairs briefed the guests about the significance of this grand annual event and hoe this tradition has become part parcel of IIFM community life.

Chosen students are facilitated with various awards. The list is as follows:

Best OT-one---- Ashish Mallik, Kumar Abhishek.

Best OT two----Kurjekar Kaustabh Balachandran.

Best Literary Person--- Sunil Rajagopal( PFM 08).

Best Cultural Person---Ravi Pandey(PFM 08)

Best sports man---Kallol Mandal(PFM08)& Tarvider Singh(PFM07)

Best sportswoman- Bigsna Gill(PFM07)

Matreyi Memorial Prize for best all-rounder—Kallol Mandal(PFM08)

(Post contributed by Soumik of PFM 2008 batch)


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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Paradise Lost

A couple of days ago, I visited Universal Book Shop here in Lucknow for my regular dose of books. Books all around, a pleasant and soothing site for a book junkie like me. Though I purchased some books, but some books I was looking I could not spot there (Was looking for Peter Singer's Practical Ethics and Thomos Samual Kuhn's The Structure of Scientific Revolutions) . Most of the stacks were full of popular fiction, gardening, religion and competitive books.

I started thinking about the IIFM days, how wonderful were those days! Just move into your library and the collection there is nothing really less than a heaven for a booklover. Though one may not find authors like Archer, Sheldon, King etc. in galore, but what one can find there, may not find at the most of the places. From the day one, when I got my library card (I still remember my card no. just two short of being Mr.Bond, it was P-005. Can anyone guess who was P-007?) i got my full quota of book issued. five of them. It was tough choice to select 5 of them. And no, I never went for what was given in the reference list for several course curricula.

In few weeks, I have savoured many and fortunately discovered that my dear roomie is generous enough to lend me his library card and Igot option for around ten books. Though academic pressure had a bit of affect on my book reading, but very soon we were able to evolve in exam-tension proof creatures, who came out of slumber just 3-4 days before the exams and manage take them head on (I am not advocating anything here, so please use your own discretion).

It was real pleasure to find some great books which I had never heard of. In my opinion, the IIFM library is the most memorable experience for most of the IIFMights (even for non-book lovers as well.. they enjoy library more than the book lovers... its calm soothing ambience.. oh so nice..).

I still remember one of faculty member saying " You will know the importance of this library once you are out of IIFM" . He was dead right ...Probably I would not be able to enjoy 'the Paradise' again for that long.

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