Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Few hrs in IIFM

I was in IIFM on 24th evening, I was surprised - I have been living in Vidisha for four months and never found time to come to IIFM, meet juniors or faculties. Well you need not know reason for your action all the times.... isn't it.

Reason for being there was a small party on xmas eve thrown by Santosh, he was living with me in vidisha and we came togehter to Bhopal. Everything was quite familier guys playing baddy, almost empty CC (junior batch at the campus is out on field trip), same coldness and calmness around Academic block, and comparatively live environment inside hostel, I remebered the same period last year winters + placements + no class tension + partys.

Few changes which I noticed were in Mess, now there is a rack inpace of the table to keep belongings, curtains and music system well placed with speakers tugged to wall, and Boys hostel, Mr Arya's room is now Common room and the Store Room (in front of Mr Arya's room) is now Gym. This time I was without my camera but next time, I will be there fully packed.

It was nice meeting with the all juniors too, had nice time together, and am thinking of a party on new year's eve but there is a committment with Santosh now, so will have to wait for him to come back to vidisha/bhopal.


Alok said...

lucky ho boss,hows campus, i really miss iifm days.

नितिन बागला said...

Good to know that u visited IIFM,