Monday, October 02, 2006

Some queries answered about IIFM Admissions

I have been receiving emails, chat request and scraps on Orkut regarding some common queries releated to IIFM admission procedure and other related aspects. So, i thought its better to compile those at one place, so that I do not have answer each one individually.

For all IIFM aspirants, following links can satisfy most of the queries. IIFM's Official Website.  information related to admissions. Placement information

Now some often asked questions.

Queries Regarding Admission

How to apply for IIFM?

IIFM considers CAT scores (Conducted by IIMs) for shortlisting candidates for GD/PI Call. So one must register for Common Admission Test in order to apply for IIFM.

Apart from applying for CAT, you need to apply for IIFM separately. Forms can be downloaded from

What is the minimum cut off percentile for GD/PI Calls ?

Minimum Cut off percentile depends on the number of applicants. Going by the last two years, Cut Off percentile, one can safely predict that a score of more than 90 percentile is sure to get a call for GD/PI.

IIFM also has sectional cut off for different sections, so one need to have a balanced score card.

A look at the CAT score of the successful candidates in GD/PI reflects that average score for a succesfful candidate is  between 92-96 percentile.

What is the intake for PFM Course?

45 students (including seats reserved as per Govt. Rules and Regulations). Though there is probability that this figure will increase.

Do all the students get scholarship as mentioned on the iifm website ?

Yes. Scholarship is paid to all the enrolled students.

Queries Regarding Placements

What kind of career options are available to IIFM Grads?

Going by the placements of last 3 years (we are considering only recent trends), IIFM grads have got offers/working  from the following organization. The list just provides you an indication of what kind of career options student have got in past.

  • Developemental NGO (in random order, the list is indicative)
    • PRADAN
    • Aide et Action
    • Dhan Foundation
    • BASIX
    • National Innovatoin Foundation
  • Environmental Consultancies /NGO
    • ATREE
    • Asia Carbon
    • Eco -Securities Limited
  • Banks
    • ICICI banks
    • UTI
    • ABN Amro
  • Microfinance Organization
    • SKS Microfinance
    • Grameen Koota
    • FWWB
  • Research and Consultancy
    • CMF(Centre for Microfinance)
    • CDF (Centre for Development Finance)
    • Intellicap
  • Trading
    • Olam International
    • ITC

Is placement always 100%?

Yes. IIFM has an impressive record of 100% placement since inception. Normally every student has more than one offer to choose from. The average offer per student for last batch PFM 2006 was more than 2.5 offers per person.

What is the average salary offered?

The average salary for last years placment is approx 4.2 lacs per annum.


(Some really interesting questions.... ;-)

Are there any girls studying there?


Do  we have to work in forest after the course?

No, unless and untill you decide to do participatory research on trible lifestyle of some tribes. I do not know any IIFMigh doing that. Almost all the grads are placed in district headquarters even if they decide to work for NGO who are working at grass root level.

Why do bank/corporates recruite from IIFM as they have nothing to do with forest?

PFM covers all the aspects of management like any other MBA, with focus on application of these theories in forestry and related aspects. So it equips students with all the necessary management skills to excell at these profiles. Moreover, IIFM alumni have proven their credentials in many diverse roles.

Is IIFM safe for girls ?

(Common queries from girls and their parents)

Yes. As safe as anyother place.

What is the cost of living?

3000 bucks are more than enough to take care of all the expenses ( if you are not prodigal).


I have tried to answer almost all the common queries I receive. If you need some more info, pleae leave your question in comment section.

Disclaimer: All the information provided in the post, is based on my experience and interaction with current students. I do not claim infalliability of any information given here. So far any clarification, consult IIFM Website. tags: , ,