Thursday, September 07, 2006

Google Image Lebeler - A cool and engaging game

The tagging phenomenon is catching up and even Google is not untouched by it. Google has come with this brilliant game where users try to guess labels for randomly selected picture by Google. Google Image Labeler Beta is catching up fast in popularity as cool online tool, as well brilliant utility.

Once you log in to play this game, Google selects a random online user as your partner and throws a picture to both of you and watching the picture you have to select a label for the picture. Both users guess and select keywords which describes the picture and once they reach a common word, Google gives you another picture to play again. If you do not want to guess keyword for particular picture, you pass the picture and choose another one. The total time available is 1.30 minutes, within this you can guess as many pictures as possible. For each correct match (where you and your partner chooses the same word for the given picture), you will get 100 points.

So enjoy and help Google tag all the pictures with suitable words.

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