Thursday, August 03, 2006

Kudos to the Team Synergy !!!

In a way it's a nice feeling to bump against lost souls, better if it happens to be your alma mater. Lost not in the literal sense of the word but in a way ;yup; certainly yes when it happens to be a scoop of out nostalgia. I can already speculate on the amount of excitement and the buzz that must be doing the rounds back home in lush green locales of the campus. In many ways it can be a start of many chapters to be penned; in many; none of any. Depends on where you guys want to steer it into.

Restrospecting I too gather and recollect the magazine Sampark that we used to have, sadly though it did not end up the way we would have ideally liked it to be. On the contrary...lessons to be to for thought..and realise the importance of the short stint at IIFM. Believe me...time passes in a jiffy in IIFM..this is a group sentiment which I am reflecting.

So guys make the most out of it..Its really a treat to see Synergy ...up....alive and raring to go.
Nitin's post do touched on some intricacies...carry the advice well..Nitin's never short on it.But in technical lingo..he had been a very crafy member of the Literary committee...crafts ...Nitin...did you hear that dude...hmmm...

At the outset..a very formal..or do I put a very all out n' open welcome to all the fresh brains in the campus...we have hardly had any chance to interact with the new PFM 2008...Guys make the most out of IIFM...believe me this place is amazingly different...I dont have any reservations about being in IIFM..It's not just the regular run-of-the-mill types MBA college..neither do you guys are in any ways...

The due share of credit also falls in for Mayank and Satyajit..for making it all keep the spirits high...and the going great...Somebody said, 'In life go straight and turn right'.
Pats on the back also to Pranita and the two Rahuls. Thats the way

Synergy..if you can rip the word looks much like synergised energy.

That says and sums the spirit of this blog I guess.
Loads of wishes...

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