Friday, July 21, 2006


Synergy is the new e-magazine started by IIFMights(guys of PFM 2007, to be specific).A few years ago,we used to have another online magzine,Sampark, which was also supposed to be a platform for interaction between students & Alumni, but We(2006), were unable to bring even a single issue and Sampark met its untimely death.

Synergy, is the new Avatar of Sampark, I suppose, and felt nice to see its second issue on IIFM 's website. Kudos to Satyajit & Mayank(I feel sorry for his Blog, it is hibernating since last one year) and hope that they continue their effort in future also. I know its very difficult to arrange content and articles on a continuous basis.

Few observations/requests. With the new issue coimng out, I could not find the older issue on website. It will be good if you have previous issues somewhere there(Two year old Sampark still exists there, why not two month old Synergy). If it is not allowed on official site, we can put it here on Blog also.

Better, if you can put the magzine link on some more places(blogs, orkut, cool avenues). Will help us attracting more readers.

Also, will expect some campus news in the magzine.(e.g.- around 3:1 male/female ratio in new batch is a very HOT news :) )

Last...can anybody inform me if Kaleidoscope is still there????


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