Sunday, July 02, 2006

Flock - The new browser on the block.

Going through BlogLines top link, I just stumbled over this browser. Flock - A Free web-browser based on Firefox engine, has some really great features with cool looks (one can downloads themes and activate). The key features which i loved about this browser are

  • Photosharing made easy - I integrated my flickr account and it enabled me to upload photos to my flickr account by just drag and drop. It also supports Photobukets account.

  • Blogging made easy - It works as your blog publishing tool as well and supports almost all the major blog publishing sites (,WordPress.comMovabletype, Xanga etc.) Though it is not as feature rich as Qumana, when it comes to blog publishing tool, but nonetheless it does a great work. I integrated my and wordpress accounts without any hassles.

  • Newsfeed Made Easy - I have integrated Lektora in my Internet Explorer for newsfeed/rss content. But Flock has inbuilt newsfeed/rss reader and it automatically updates your newsfeeds. You can also import other OPML file to get you all feeds at one place easily.

Other benefits of being based on Firefox engine are inherently available. So it blocks popup, allows tabbed browsing, has enhanced security /anti spyware features.

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Anonymous said...

Bade bhaiyya aise hi likhte raha karo..its really nice to read ur blogs..i always make it sur that i l read ur blogs atleast in 3 days..but keep updating..

Pranav said...

I find myself restricted by the monthly size limit that flickr imposes on uploads - any way around that?