Sunday, July 30, 2006

Team Synergy

Synergy (or should i say Sampark in its new form) is commendable effort and the it has been possible mainly through the efforts of Mayank, Satyajit (both from PFM 2007) and always inspiring and helping Dr. C.S. Rathore. Synergy is now two issue old and there is a lot going on to make it more comprehensive and more useful. And the way the new team is working it seems we are surely bound to get some pleasant surprises.

Here is a look at the new Team Synergy, I had a chance to interact with all of them and this interaction made me believe that these people are surely on way to achieve something big.

Mayank Chaturvedi - PFM 2007

Graduate from Bhopal School of Soial Sciences. One of the two guys who were taking all the pain to make Synergy happen. Brilliant literary skills and supported by envious dedication to the cause, is making sure that Synergy is on time and offers substantial value to its readers.

Satyajit Das - PFM 2007

Accountancy Graduate from Sambalpur University, Orissa. He made sure that 'Synergy' happens, with his excellent computer skills and organizational capabilities. His computer and graphic design skills need no description from me as he has already shown with Kalpataru website and OT brochure. He is also the taking care of Alumni affairs as Alumni Coordinator.

Rahul Kumar - PFM 2008

Agriculture Science graduate from BHU Varanasi. Loves to solve puzzles and has keen interest in Gardening and Palmistry. One can expect some good contributions on topics like Agricultural Marketing and related subject.

Rahul Bhardwaj - PFM 2008

Electronic and Communication Engineer from Kumoun Engineering College. Loves to read and write poems. A very creative guy, Tean Synergy will be looking to extract maximum from him.

Pranita Bhagat - PFM 2008

She has done her Masters in Environmental Sciences. A voracious reader. She is also the Literary Committe Coordinator for her batch. Along with two Rahuls, she would be taking care of Campus news and articles from faculty and different sections of Synergy.

Best of Luck to you all.

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Friday, July 21, 2006


Synergy is the new e-magazine started by IIFMights(guys of PFM 2007, to be specific).A few years ago,we used to have another online magzine,Sampark, which was also supposed to be a platform for interaction between students & Alumni, but We(2006), were unable to bring even a single issue and Sampark met its untimely death.

Synergy, is the new Avatar of Sampark, I suppose, and felt nice to see its second issue on IIFM 's website. Kudos to Satyajit & Mayank(I feel sorry for his Blog, it is hibernating since last one year) and hope that they continue their effort in future also. I know its very difficult to arrange content and articles on a continuous basis.

Few observations/requests. With the new issue coimng out, I could not find the older issue on website. It will be good if you have previous issues somewhere there(Two year old Sampark still exists there, why not two month old Synergy). If it is not allowed on official site, we can put it here on Blog also.

Better, if you can put the magzine link on some more places(blogs, orkut, cool avenues). Will help us attracting more readers.

Also, will expect some campus news in the magzine.(e.g.- around 3:1 male/female ratio in new batch is a very HOT news :) )

Last...can anybody inform me if Kaleidoscope is still there????


Sunday, July 09, 2006

Use GMail as Backup drive

GMail apart from providing wonderful email service, also works as cool utility to backup your critical data. Install GMail file extension and you will have one more drive GMail drive in your computer which you can use as normal hard disk drive with 2 GB of memory space. Just login with your gmail id. All the data put in this drive will be stored as emails in your gmail account, so even if you are not carrying your laptop, you can access that data from anywhere easily.

The earlier version was having some login problems but the new version has overcome that problem.

Download GMFS (112 KB)

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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Flock - The new browser on the block.

Going through BlogLines top link, I just stumbled over this browser. Flock - A Free web-browser based on Firefox engine, has some really great features with cool looks (one can downloads themes and activate). The key features which i loved about this browser are

  • Photosharing made easy - I integrated my flickr account and it enabled me to upload photos to my flickr account by just drag and drop. It also supports Photobukets account.

  • Blogging made easy - It works as your blog publishing tool as well and supports almost all the major blog publishing sites (,WordPress.comMovabletype, Xanga etc.) Though it is not as feature rich as Qumana, when it comes to blog publishing tool, but nonetheless it does a great work. I integrated my and wordpress accounts without any hassles.

  • Newsfeed Made Easy - I have integrated Lektora in my Internet Explorer for newsfeed/rss content. But Flock has inbuilt newsfeed/rss reader and it automatically updates your newsfeeds. You can also import other OPML file to get you all feeds at one place easily.

Other benefits of being based on Firefox engine are inherently available. So it blocks popup, allows tabbed browsing, has enhanced security /anti spyware features.

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