Wednesday, June 21, 2006

One More Obit - is dead.

The last post by Nitin aptly describes my feelings as well. Though i have still conserved all the memories, yes, i have almost all the mails i received at Sadly this email id is  no longer with me. It has been the battle field where numerous mail wars have been fought, won, lost and several armstices/truces achieved. I have been at receiving end of many mail wars, sometime as Placement Coordinator, sometime as Class Reprsentative and what not. Going back one feels how stupid we were ( I dont know about you, but i was.). The whole thing ran through the mind.

But one happy thing about that, it put us together before it died, it made all of us to fight (together) for one common cause, to make it permanent. Though we have been defeated or should i say we have not been successful, but certainly we have initiated the process and i feel one day or another we will get that.

I had not finished mourning over the demise of and came across the startling fact that has also expired. And this is more serious, as all our official documents, carry this domain and not the alternate domain . It is also the first result when you search for IIFM in Google. So all those who will search for IIFM will be led to a non functional site/not official site of IIFM. I have done my part by informing the authorities, let see what happens next.

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1 comment:

Akhand said...

hey san singh.... u were always gorgeous man..... "gorgeous man" isn't contradicting..... but then who could predict ......

Dying IIFM website and id is certainly a los to all of us....