Wednesday, June 21, 2006

One More Obit - is dead.

The last post by Nitin aptly describes my feelings as well. Though i have still conserved all the memories, yes, i have almost all the mails i received at Sadly this email id is  no longer with me. It has been the battle field where numerous mail wars have been fought, won, lost and several armstices/truces achieved. I have been at receiving end of many mail wars, sometime as Placement Coordinator, sometime as Class Reprsentative and what not. Going back one feels how stupid we were ( I dont know about you, but i was.). The whole thing ran through the mind.

But one happy thing about that, it put us together before it died, it made all of us to fight (together) for one common cause, to make it permanent. Though we have been defeated or should i say we have not been successful, but certainly we have initiated the process and i feel one day or another we will get that.

I had not finished mourning over the demise of and came across the startling fact that has also expired. And this is more serious, as all our official documents, carry this domain and not the alternate domain . It is also the first result when you search for IIFM in Google. So all those who will search for IIFM will be led to a non functional site/not official site of IIFM. I have done my part by informing the authorities, let see what happens next.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Death of an email id...

Official IIFM email ids' of the batch 2006 were deactivated last week...

Though the process is repeated every year for the outgoing batch, eventhen, batch resisted the move a lot and wrote to whomever they can....

Reason....for two years was identity for 44 of us, and a symbol of proud too.
It gave a sense of belongingness and ownership with the institute.
The platform was a witness of endless mailwars, assignmnets sharings, announcements by CR/Faculty and what not...anything you wanted to share, put it to Group Mail.

I dont understand why institute cannot keep these email ids forever. I dont think cyberspace is too costly nowadays and even if it costs , i believe institute is very much capable of paying(we all know, how things work in the month of March)..

Hope They will think upon it...

Till then...Orkut hai na...

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Satish Kumar- A remarkable person

Few years ago, I cam across an article in Life Positive a thought provoking interview of Satish Kumar, a person talking about environment, ecology, holistic living. The interview made me to look for some more info on Satish Kumar and his works. An easy search on google gave me enough about this amazing personality. Since then I have been regularly following his articles and his magazine ‘Resurgence’.

Mr. Satish Kumar cannot be put into the category of charismatic leader or into the category of bestselling authors by many, but he is a living example of how one person can live a life in synchronization with nature and how he can contribute through his life. As program director of Schumacher College (an institution running several programs on communal living, ecological well being, sustainable life..) he has been instrumental in getting people like James Lovelock (Gaia theory fame), Fritjof Capra (author of famous The Tao of Physics and New Wisdom).

He has been greatly influenced by personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Binoba Bhave, Bertrand Russell and has devoted all his life to great cause of ecological well being. His strong belief in living a non violent and sustainable life style has made him a champion of ecological and sustainable movements, his influence has resulted in some great institution like Beej Vidyapeeth (run by Vandana Shiva) at Dehradun, India.

Inspired by Binaba Bhave he has himself taken many walking pilgrimage across the continent to promote peace, sustainable life and ecological wellbeing without a single penny along with him. The pilgrimage walk proved efficacy of human relationship, and how human mind is stirred by compassion and generosity even in this materialistic era.