Thursday, May 11, 2006

Comedy of errors....

Yesterday, Madhu came to Hyderabad to join SKS…

She had already informed Jyoti and Aparupa regarding her arrival….but because Aparupa was in a meeting , Jyoti alone went to station to receive Madhu…

Now when we came out of meeting, Aparupa called Madhu and Jyoti about whether they found each other or not….

Read the conversation below...…keep in mind the respective accent of all three ladies, how they express when they are exasperated and you will enjoy it the most.....

Place : AeA Office, Lakdi ka Pul, Hyderabad

Aparupa(To Madhu): कहा है तु? ट्रेन आ गयी क्या? ज्योती मिली तुझे? (Madhu, Where r u? Has train arrived, U met Jyoti? )

Madhu: (something-something from that side…which meant that she was unable to contact Jyoti yet)

Aparupa: ठीक है...तु रुक , मैं ज्योति को फोन करती हूँ (Ok u wait there, i will call jyoti)

Aparupa : (calls Jyoti)…तू पहुँची नही अभी तक?..(Jyoti..u didnt reachded there yet?? )

Jyoti: (something-something which meant she is trying to call Madhu…she has reached station)

Aparupa: Go to Platform number 4....
Jyoti : OK

Me: (Listening all this conversation and wondering ...why didnt they exchanged train number, coach, birth details beforehand....? )

5 Minutes later

Aparupa to Madhu : ज्योति पहुँची? (didn Jyoti reached there?)
Madhu : मेरी बात हुई उससे अभी फोन पे ..पर वो पहुँची नही अब तक.... (I talked to her on phone...but she didnt reached yet)

Aparupa: (next call to Jyoti)..क्या हुआ ज्योती? (What happened Jyoti?)

Jyoti: मैने पूरा प्लेटफॉर्म देख लिया पर वो नही मिल रही..और अब मेरा फोने भी नही लग रहा है शायद वो ६ नम्बर पर है..I searched whole platform number 4..but couldnt find her...and now even my phone is also not seems that she is on platform no 6 (imagine the look on jyoti's face in such situations :D )

Me(listening all this conversation in Office)- To Aparupa..Either tell Madhu not to move from where she is , or if she does not have much luggage, come to 'lakdi ka pul' taking an Auto…we will call jyoti also back .

Aparupa ( to Madhu) :@#&^&%^@*&^%E&^%E$# (Something-something in Bangoli.... imagine these two conversing in good as Mangolian for me...but a nice change after hearing Telugu/Tamil for last one month)….....)

Aparupa again calling Jyoti

Aparupa to Jyoti : क्या हुआ ज्योति, कहा है तू...? वो वहीं खडी है प्लेटफोर्म ४ पे..ठीक से देख...या फिर वापस आजा..(What happened Jyoti...where are you...she is there only..on Plateform 4..look properly or come back…), sitting in office...i some how manage to stop my laugh.....looking again & again at Aparupa calling both of them one by one......

Suddenly, there is a short circuit in uppermost part of my body, a tubelight (may be a low voltage CFL) switches on there…I ask Aparupa to call madhu again and ask….

Aparupa : Which station are you on Madhu?

Madhu: ...Hyderabad South.....

Reapeat the same process with Jyoti

Aparupa:ज्योति..कौन से स्टेशन पे खडी है तू..? (Jyoti, which station you are on...? )

Jyoti: Secunderabad…

Aparuppa.: kyaa…......%^%^*&&&^%%!$&*

Jyoti from Other side: &^&(@*()*@!^

Hang the phone..

Me : laugh….:) :D :D


Anonymous said...

Mr. Bagla, waise aapki memory itni bhi sharp nahi hain jitna ki aap samjhte hain.... there are lot more details which sud have been told so that wud have added more humour. he he he
well one gud thing coming out of this is that me, jyoti and madhu are very gud friendsand we do care for each other.


Nitin Bagla said...

Disclaimer : Mr. Bagla apni memory sharp nahi samjhate...

Akhand said...

thats fine appu, u were good friends in insti also, but this way of taking care of my Madhu and Jyoti!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

god blessss

Anonymous said...

Bagle, Dhakkan Kahin ke...sudhar jaa sale.

Nitin Bagla said...

Tujhe bura laga Toppo? :)