Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Change is the only constant..

Writing to this blog after a long gap, a lot has change during this period. Student life at IIFM, Bhopal has come to an end and became a very beautiful chapter of my life. Suddenly visit to has become less frequent, because now the assignments which I have got as an employee have to be done, you cannot use copy/past to complete them. You cannot even assign them to your friends (Alas! there is nothing called group assignment.) you have to do it individually. No counting of number of classes that you can miss per term, you have to attend each and every session.
On the other hand, you get a substantial amount at the end of month (No need to call home for money!), instead of thinking how to meet expenses of whole month, some thoughts of investment which can provide better returns (you start realizing that bank interest rates on deposits are very low) starts coming to your mind. Now, no longer one thinks of placements at other b-schools and what students at other b-schools are doing (unless your alma mater creeps into the discussion.)
For me, the change was too much. From India to Africa (Abidjan) . For me spending time with my family was the most precious things, now I find myself miles away, among completely different set of people, who speak different language, have different values, different culture and different attitude towards life. From once a week visit to bookshop to complete halt. Where can I go? There are no book shop selling English / Hindi books. I always used to dream about buying a lot of books once I get sufficient money to spend on them. Situation has not changed much in this case. Earlier I used to have a lot of books worth buying but not much money. Now, money is not a problem, but I cannot get the books I want to buy. My desperate visits to bookshops at different malls and shopping complex yielded no result. All you can get is French books and magazines. Though some English magazines I can get but not sufficient enough satisfy my voracious hunger. Though you can find a lot of those magazines, whose sell does not depend on the language, there is nothing to be read, but a lot to be seen.
But, scarcity of English books has given me one more reason to learn French, apart from being necessity in a francophone country, so very soon I would be having something to read.