Sunday, February 26, 2006


It does not seems to long when i bade final good baye to my seniors on this plateform only after their placment farewell party...and now its time for me to say goodbye...we are in the last phase of IIFM life and will be finishing on 28th of this month...

Bathc gave placement party to faculty and juniors yestreday and will be getting farewell High Tea on 28th evening....

and then everything will change and these days will just become memories...

Though again have to come back on 1st april for convocation....will be recieving my a good feeling...but how these 20 months passed away...i dont know...just seem a few days back, i was here, full of uncertainities and anxiety, weighing my options whether i shoul take admission here or some other institute and now, here i m , passing away, with a good job and woth lots of memories..

Thank You IIFM, for everything u blessed me with...

With Love...

Friday, February 24, 2006

Memories of Kalpataru

After a short break..rather a small pause..I am continuing to express my views in this beautiful world of words. This would be one of the finest blogs I have ever posted cause they are the sweet experiences that I have gained at IIFM. To start with- Kalpataru- 2006 is the recent festival that I have attended with all the zeal and enthusiasm. Well, I had to travel for 20 hrs to attend the fest at the cost of my health. The very first day, when I entered the campus, I heard the news of One minute show that was to be held in 20 min. Just to participate in that, I had to get fresh in 15 minutes...and finally I was in the competetion room. Well, I was received by all of my dear iifmites heartily..I can never forget this..I was greeted by each and everybody who saw me in the campus..and I felt very happy to see people remebering one and wishing you inspite of their hectic shcedules..this was one of the finest moments at iifm.
Later during the one minute show, I had crossed the first level..and also second level..and then came the monster third level..where I had to twist my tongue...The word I was given---OONT OONCHI- OONT KI POONCH OONCHI- OONCHI POONCH OONT KI- Man, I really had to fight to pronounce it, and finally gave it up..But the hall was all the way laughing to their hearts after seeing my struggle to pronounce it..anyways..let me lose the game..but I could enthrall the audience for a while which is more than enough for me...
The next was singing competetion...Hmmm now I didnt have any songs, as I have kept my dairy at my home..So, I started surfing the net and chose some inetersting songs..after seeing the bigshots in the hall, I couldn't dare enough to participate. But still thought of giving it a try..finally my name was called..and I was holding the mic..God, I have started singing but atlast I could not catch the scale..the memories of my performance on stage and in All India Radio were smothering me, as I was performing pathetically. Finally I gave a nod and stopped singing and returned back to my seat...Well still some of my fans appreciated my performance (Probably they dont want me to see crying)!! Guys thanks for your appreciation!!!!!!
And now the D Day has come...Myself and very best buddies Aru and Trayee were all gearing up to present ourselves in the function. We cladded in glittering saris and tried all cosmetics on our faces.....Ofcourse, we received beautiful complements..and nobody dared to comment us..So, finally we were in the audience seats..and were enjoying the performances by pfm batches, faculty members and small kids...I was cherishing my memories of my school and college where I had to sing a song and perform a dance on the D was like a must for me..and I performed on the stage for nearly 15 yrs..This is the first time, I was in the audience seat and enjoyed the whole programe...
Atlast I would end up my boring writing with a few words (ofcourse written by me)
My wishes to all the pfm 2006 guys who will be now jobholders and the most responsible citizens of this nation...
Guys!!!!! rock the world and keep the campus's name high...............

Sunday, February 19, 2006


Kalpataru-2006 culminated on Friday Night with the cultural programs.Some pics...

PFM 2006 Cricket Team With GOLD

A Fabulous Skit "Rail ka Dabba" By PFM 2007

Skit "Sadachaar ka Tabeez" by PFM 2006

Ending with "..Hum to saat rang hai"

All Photos: Sanjay Prasad, PFM 2007

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Could not write here anything since long...seems other mates were also too busy( reasons may be placement fever, tight schedule or simple laziness..anyway, updates on some of the happenings in the campus ....

Placements were as per expectations (excellent ;))...almost over...still some organisations coming...most of the people have 2 or more offers in their kitty :)

IIFM celebrated its Silver Jubilee Foundation Day on 6th February...It is really pround to be a part of the institution which has completed 25 years of its journey and has established itself as one of the best in th sector....Congratulations to all current and past faculty, alumni and all other members of IIFM fraternity for the achievement.

IIFM becomes the member of Bhopal Chapter of SPIC-MACAY...that means we will now be hosting various cultural events which are organised by SPIC-MACAY, at IIFM campus. Started with a puppet and Jazz show by a Norwaygeon Group on 8th Feb. and really, this was one of the best show i have ever watched....

And its celebration time again. Celebrating yearly week-long annual fest Kaplataru from 13th-17th the campus at present is abuzz with all kinds of sports, cultural and literary activities...

Now the sad part...2006 batch is on the verge of finishing their time at campus. We are finishing our course on 28th Feb....and will be leaving for a short break before we join our repective organisations and start new phase of our lives....Though most of us will be here for convocation whih is scheduled in March.

Images From SPIC-MACAY Night(8 Feb)

Photos By: Sanjay Prasad, PFM 2007

Monday, February 13, 2006

PFM 2006 - List of Students

The PFM 2006 Batch

  • Abhishek Anand
  • Abhishek Chaudhary
  • Akhand Tiwari
  • Akshai Abraham
  • Alok Kashyap
  • Amit Bajaj
  • Anil Kumar Singh
  • Anup Singh
  • Aparupa Chatterjee
  • Ashirbad Das
  • Avijit Kishore
  • Bhaskar Lakshakar
  • Dipender Sharma
  • Jaspal Shakya
  • Jyotilata Pegu
  • Madhusree Sarker
  • Manoj M
  • Michelle Thomas
  • Mukul Kumar
  • Nalini Beck
  • Nitin Bagla
  • Nitu Goel
  • Paramjyoti Chattopadhay
  • Parthasarthi Mishra
  • Pooja Kaim
  • Prabhat Upadhaya
  • Priyank Pradeep
  • Pushkar Parashar
  • Rahul Kumar Singh
  • Ranjan Kumar
  • Richa
  • Rohit Toppo
  • Ruchi Tripathi
  • Samvatsar Mandar
  • Santosh Singh
  • Saurabh Kumar
  • Shashi Ranjan
  • Shyam Patro
  • Subhash Das
  • Subhendu Ghorami
  • Subhrajyoti Saha
  • Swapan Mehra
  • Ushnish Chattopadhaya
  • Virender Sikanaya