Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Few hrs in IIFM

I was in IIFM on 24th evening, I was surprised - I have been living in Vidisha for four months and never found time to come to IIFM, meet juniors or faculties. Well you need not know reason for your action all the times.... isn't it.

Reason for being there was a small party on xmas eve thrown by Santosh, he was living with me in vidisha and we came togehter to Bhopal. Everything was quite familier guys playing baddy, almost empty CC (junior batch at the campus is out on field trip), same coldness and calmness around Academic block, and comparatively live environment inside hostel, I remebered the same period last year winters + placements + no class tension + partys.

Few changes which I noticed were in Mess, now there is a rack inpace of the table to keep belongings, curtains and music system well placed with speakers tugged to wall, and Boys hostel, Mr Arya's room is now Common room and the Store Room (in front of Mr Arya's room) is now Gym. This time I was without my camera but next time, I will be there fully packed.

It was nice meeting with the all juniors too, had nice time together, and am thinking of a party on new year's eve but there is a committment with Santosh now, so will have to wait for him to come back to vidisha/bhopal.

Friday, December 08, 2006

the end is near

No, I am not  Nostradomus or any relative or follower of his to predict the end of the world, I am talking about this blog IIFMight which is coming to an end.

Probably this would be the last post (and a long post) on the blog and thereafter the domain http://iifm.blogspot.com will take you to the famous/infamous Blogger: 404 Page not found.... page.

When we joined IIFM in June 2004 (and had our debate discussing branding of IIFM) one of thing came out of the discussion that IIFM lacked brand visibilty out of the sector. So a guy looking for information on business school does not come across so easily to IIFM and those who know IIFM (from advertisements and admission notices in newspapers) were not exactly sure about IIFM. Searching info about IIFM on web was also not fruitful as there were very few pages (apart from official website) on IIFM (one of the more popular pages was by Shikha Kalra  on http://envindia.com a website run by our alumnus Chandra Kishore) and that page was not quite well recognised by the search engines as there was no emphasis on SEO techniques.  

When I started this blog, blogging was not a term in everyones vocabulary and but a mention of this by CSR in classroom regarding my new initiative made many people to join as member (its another thing that many didnot contribute more than thier name on team member list!!). Though there were some early enthusiast who contributed and but could not sustain the same level of enthusiasm later.

But with 4-5 regular contributors, it came this far. Around 150 post in two years (not bad almost 2-3 post per week) and average 8-10 new visitors per day. The search engine rating of this blog went quite high (second most popular page after iifm official website) for anyone looking any info on IIFM and it directed many info seekers to this webpage and which later resulted in our mailbox getting bombarded with all sort of queries on IIFM and going through the queries we realized how little the students were knowing about IIFM.

Many of its contributed, started their own blog and their blogs are doing quite well (most notable is Nitin's Hindi blog). Since this was a community blog (read the tag line "blogs of IIFMight") the idea was content generation through community participation but this idea of Community Participation was not as appealing as Class Participation so later batches did not show any keen interest in contribution. Probably we didnot make much effort to elaborate on objectives of IIFMights.

So what were the objectives we had in mind while starting the blog?

  • Increasing webpresence of IIFM and letting the world know what IIFM is all about by putting up experiences and opinions of the student on the web.
  • Providing one source of guidance to future students.
  • Creating database of experiences of its students
  • Letting the new students know more about thier alumni by thier thoughts and providing them a chance to interact with them.
  • Building strong brand for IIFM while providing quality content and attracting visitors all across the world.

All the above objectives were partially fulfilled barrring the last one. I tried to request "issue centric" contribution from many of our alumnus without much luck.

On personal front, this blog gave me a lot. Invariable the enquiries about IIFM will found a place in my mail box and I made a point to answer all of them withought a fail. So I knew almost all of the new batches coming to campus or vice versa.

I think, the post is becoming too long. At the end I would like to have your comments regarding its shutdown (as it is not a personal blog though i have all the adiminstrative rights), should I go for that? For the moment, the blog is crying...

 Give me contributors or Give me death...


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Monday, October 02, 2006

Some queries answered about IIFM Admissions

I have been receiving emails, chat request and scraps on Orkut regarding some common queries releated to IIFM admission procedure and other related aspects. So, i thought its better to compile those at one place, so that I do not have answer each one individually.

For all IIFM aspirants, following links can satisfy most of the queries.

www.iifm.ac.in IIFM's Official Website.

http://www.iifm.ac.in/admission/index.htm  information related to admissions.

www.iifm.ac.in/admission/placements.html Placement information

Now some often asked questions.

Queries Regarding Admission

How to apply for IIFM?

IIFM considers CAT scores (Conducted by IIMs) for shortlisting candidates for GD/PI Call. So one must register for Common Admission Test in order to apply for IIFM.

Apart from applying for CAT, you need to apply for IIFM separately. Forms can be downloaded from http://www.iifm.ac.in/admission/admform.html

What is the minimum cut off percentile for GD/PI Calls ?

Minimum Cut off percentile depends on the number of applicants. Going by the last two years, Cut Off percentile, one can safely predict that a score of more than 90 percentile is sure to get a call for GD/PI.

IIFM also has sectional cut off for different sections, so one need to have a balanced score card.

A look at the CAT score of the successful candidates in GD/PI reflects that average score for a succesfful candidate is  between 92-96 percentile.

What is the intake for PFM Course?

45 students (including seats reserved as per Govt. Rules and Regulations). Though there is probability that this figure will increase.

Do all the students get scholarship as mentioned on the iifm website ?

Yes. Scholarship is paid to all the enrolled students.

Queries Regarding Placements

What kind of career options are available to IIFM Grads?

Going by the placements of last 3 years (we are considering only recent trends), IIFM grads have got offers/working  from the following organization. The list just provides you an indication of what kind of career options student have got in past.

  • Developemental NGO (in random order, the list is indicative)
    • PRADAN
    • Aide et Action
    • Dhan Foundation
    • BASIX
    • National Innovatoin Foundation
  • Environmental Consultancies /NGO
    • ATREE
    • Asia Carbon
    • Eco -Securities Limited
  • Banks
    • ICICI banks
    • UTI
    • ABN Amro
  • Microfinance Organization
    • SKS Microfinance
    • Grameen Koota
    • FWWB
  • Research and Consultancy
    • CMF(Centre for Microfinance)
    • CDF (Centre for Development Finance)
    • Intellicap
  • Trading
    • Olam International
    • ITC

Is placement always 100%?

Yes. IIFM has an impressive record of 100% placement since inception. Normally every student has more than one offer to choose from. The average offer per student for last batch PFM 2006 was more than 2.5 offers per person.

What is the average salary offered?

The average salary for last years placment is approx 4.2 lacs per annum.


(Some really interesting questions.... ;-)

Are there any girls studying there?


Do  we have to work in forest after the course?

No, unless and untill you decide to do participatory research on trible lifestyle of some tribes. I do not know any IIFMigh doing that. Almost all the grads are placed in district headquarters even if they decide to work for NGO who are working at grass root level.

Why do bank/corporates recruite from IIFM as they have nothing to do with forest?

PFM covers all the aspects of management like any other MBA, with focus on application of these theories in forestry and related aspects. So it equips students with all the necessary management skills to excell at these profiles. Moreover, IIFM alumni have proven their credentials in many diverse roles.

Is IIFM safe for girls ?

(Common queries from girls and their parents)

Yes. As safe as anyother place.

What is the cost of living?

3000 bucks are more than enough to take care of all the expenses ( if you are not prodigal).


I have tried to answer almost all the common queries I receive. If you need some more info, pleae leave your question in comment section.

Disclaimer: All the information provided in the post, is based on my experience and interaction with current students. I do not claim infalliability of any information given here. So far any clarification, consult IIFM Website.


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Friday, September 08, 2006

Digitally Handicapped

NYT columnist Thoms L Friedman in his best selling work The Lexus and The Olive Tree remarked

While the defining measurement of the Cold War was weight - particularly the throw weight of missiles - the defining measurement of the globalization system is speed - speed of commerce, travel, communication and innovation. The Cold War was about Einstein's mass-energy equation, e = mc2 . Globalization tends to revolve around Moore's Law, which states that the computing power of silicon chips will double every eighteen to twenty-four months, while the price will halve. In the Cold War, the most frequently asked question was: "Whose side are you on?" In globalization, the most frequently asked question is: "To what extent are you connected to everyone?" In the Cold War, the second most frequently asked question was: "How big is your missile?" In globalization, the second most frequently asked question is: "How fast is your modem?"

Here in Freetown (Sierra Leon), waiting for 45 minutes, to get a crucial mail downloaded, I fully realized what it meant. My mail client is showing 'downloading 1 of 19 mails' and this message is being displayed since eons and the data transfer rate.. I am ashamed to reveal that its in bytes, around 8-10 bytes per second.  The mail in question is supposed to contain some key information for the meeting scheduled next hour. I cannot do anything, the person who sent me the mail is not available on phone as he is not in network area.

It make me in very precarious situation, I am accessing Internet through wi-fi network installed by the hotel (where i am staying) and there is no other way to access the net. But the speed of wi-fi is pathetic. No connectivity would have been better. At least, I could have been relying on age old alternatives. But here you know there are 19 mails waiting for, do not know what is in store in those mails.

Lets see, if I can overcome this digital handicap, going to find some alternatives, probably a cyber cafe nearby, and hope that it has data transfer speed at least in killobytes.

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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Google Image Lebeler - A cool and engaging game

The tagging phenomenon is catching up and even Google is not untouched by it. Google has come with this brilliant game where users try to guess labels for randomly selected picture by Google. Google Image Labeler Beta is catching up fast in popularity as cool online tool, as well brilliant utility.

Once you log in to play this game, Google selects a random online user as your partner and throws a picture to both of you and watching the picture you have to select a label for the picture. Both users guess and select keywords which describes the picture and once they reach a common word, Google gives you another picture to play again. If you do not want to guess keyword for particular picture, you pass the picture and choose another one. The total time available is 1.30 minutes, within this you can guess as many pictures as possible. For each correct match (where you and your partner chooses the same word for the given picture), you will get 100 points.

So enjoy and help Google tag all the pictures with suitable words.

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

सादर नमन

आज शिक्षक दिवस के अवसर पर समस्त गुरुजनों को प्रणाम एवं नमन, जिनकी सीख एवं आशिर्वाद से जीवन में कुछ करने के काबिल बना ।

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Youthink - WorldBank's New Initiative

Worldbank has come up with a new site, Youthink mainly aimed at making youth aware about the sevaral issues like AIDS, Corruption, Disablity, Urbanisation, Developement, Poverty. The site provides stories and data on these issues as well as opportunity to interact and participate through interneship, sharing stories and contributing to the site.
The site is very good starting point for studying the above mentioned issues and getting proper orientation to the subject. The information has been provided in very interesting and lucid manner, but there are links given for those who want to develop deeper insight on these issues.

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

IIFM Waking Up

IIFM has now taken the much needed step towards attracting students and making it known to many aspiring students. The recent banner advertisement on http://coolavenues.com is a small step in this direction but it reflects the changed mindset.

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Kudos to the Team Synergy !!!

In a way it's a nice feeling to bump against lost souls, better if it happens to be your alma mater. Lost not in the literal sense of the word but in a way ;yup; certainly yes when it happens to be a scoop of out nostalgia. I can already speculate on the amount of excitement and the buzz that must be doing the rounds back home in lush green locales of the campus. In many ways it can be a start of many chapters to be penned; in many; none of any. Depends on where you guys want to steer it into.

Restrospecting I too gather and recollect the magazine Sampark that we used to have, sadly though it did not end up the way we would have ideally liked it to be. On the contrary...lessons to be learnt...parts to do-undo....food for thought..and realise the importance of the short stint at IIFM. Believe me...time passes in a jiffy in IIFM..this is a group sentiment which I am reflecting.

So guys make the most out of it..Its really a treat to see Synergy ...up....alive and raring to go.
Nitin's post do touched on some intricacies...carry the advice well..Nitin's never short on it.But in technical lingo..he had been a very crafy member of the Literary committee...crafts ...Nitin...did you hear that dude...hmmm...

At the outset..a very formal..or do I put a very all out n' open welcome to all the fresh brains in the campus...we have hardly had any chance to interact with the new PFM 2008...Guys make the most out of IIFM...believe me this place is amazingly different...I dont have any reservations about being in IIFM..It's not just the regular run-of-the-mill types MBA college..neither do you guys are in any ways...

The due share of credit also falls in for Mayank and Satyajit..for making it all happen...do keep the spirits high...and the going great...Somebody said, 'In life go straight and turn right'.
Pats on the back also to Pranita and the two Rahuls. Thats the way

Synergy..if you can rip the word looks much like synergised energy.

That says and sums the spirit of this blog I guess.
Loads of wishes...

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Team Synergy

Synergy (or should i say Sampark in its new form) is commendable effort and the it has been possible mainly through the efforts of Mayank, Satyajit (both from PFM 2007) and always inspiring and helping Dr. C.S. Rathore. Synergy is now two issue old and there is a lot going on to make it more comprehensive and more useful. And the way the new team is working it seems we are surely bound to get some pleasant surprises.

Here is a look at the new Team Synergy, I had a chance to interact with all of them and this interaction made me believe that these people are surely on way to achieve something big.

Mayank Chaturvedi - PFM 2007

Graduate from Bhopal School of Soial Sciences. One of the two guys who were taking all the pain to make Synergy happen. Brilliant literary skills and supported by envious dedication to the cause, is making sure that Synergy is on time and offers substantial value to its readers.

Satyajit Das - PFM 2007

Accountancy Graduate from Sambalpur University, Orissa. He made sure that 'Synergy' happens, with his excellent computer skills and organizational capabilities. His computer and graphic design skills need no description from me as he has already shown with Kalpataru website and OT brochure. He is also the taking care of Alumni affairs as Alumni Coordinator.

Rahul Kumar - PFM 2008

Agriculture Science graduate from BHU Varanasi. Loves to solve puzzles and has keen interest in Gardening and Palmistry. One can expect some good contributions on topics like Agricultural Marketing and related subject.

Rahul Bhardwaj - PFM 2008

Electronic and Communication Engineer from Kumoun Engineering College. Loves to read and write poems. A very creative guy, Tean Synergy will be looking to extract maximum from him.

Pranita Bhagat - PFM 2008

She has done her Masters in Environmental Sciences. A voracious reader. She is also the Literary Committe Coordinator for her batch. Along with two Rahuls, she would be taking care of Campus news and articles from faculty and different sections of Synergy.

Best of Luck to you all.

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Friday, July 21, 2006


Synergy is the new e-magazine started by IIFMights(guys of PFM 2007, to be specific).A few years ago,we used to have another online magzine,Sampark, which was also supposed to be a platform for interaction between students & Alumni, but We(2006), were unable to bring even a single issue and Sampark met its untimely death.

Synergy, is the new Avatar of Sampark, I suppose, and felt nice to see its second issue on IIFM 's website. Kudos to Satyajit & Mayank(I feel sorry for his Blog, it is hibernating since last one year) and hope that they continue their effort in future also. I know its very difficult to arrange content and articles on a continuous basis.

Few observations/requests. With the new issue coimng out, I could not find the older issue on website. It will be good if you have previous issues somewhere there(Two year old Sampark still exists there, why not two month old Synergy). If it is not allowed on official site, we can put it here on Blog also.

Better, if you can put the magzine link on some more places(blogs, orkut, cool avenues). Will help us attracting more readers.

Also, will expect some campus news in the magzine.(e.g.- around 3:1 male/female ratio in new batch is a very HOT news :) )

Last...can anybody inform me if Kaleidoscope is still there????


Sunday, July 09, 2006

Use GMail as Backup drive

GMail apart from providing wonderful email service, also works as cool utility to backup your critical data. Install GMail file extension and you will have one more drive GMail drive in your computer which you can use as normal hard disk drive with 2 GB of memory space. Just login with your gmail id. All the data put in this drive will be stored as emails in your gmail account, so even if you are not carrying your laptop, you can access that data from anywhere easily.

The earlier version was having some login problems but the new version has overcome that problem.

Download GMFS (112 KB)

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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Flock - The new browser on the block.

Going through BlogLines top link, I just stumbled over this browser. Flock - A Free web-browser based on Firefox engine, has some really great features with cool looks (one can downloads themes and activate). The key features which i loved about this browser are

  • Photosharing made easy - I integrated my flickr account and it enabled me to upload photos to my flickr account by just drag and drop. It also supports Photobukets account.

  • Blogging made easy - It works as your blog publishing tool as well and supports almost all the major blog publishing sites (Blogger.com,WordPress.comMovabletype, Xanga etc.) Though it is not as feature rich as Qumana, when it comes to blog publishing tool, but nonetheless it does a great work. I integrated my blogger.com and wordpress accounts without any hassles.

  • Newsfeed Made Easy - I have integrated Lektora in my Internet Explorer for newsfeed/rss content. But Flock has inbuilt newsfeed/rss reader and it automatically updates your newsfeeds. You can also import other OPML file to get you all feeds at one place easily.

Other benefits of being based on Firefox engine are inherently available. So it blocks popup, allows tabbed browsing, has enhanced security /anti spyware features.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

One More Obit - www.iifm.org is dead.

The last post by Nitin aptly describes my feelings as well. Though i have still conserved all the memories, yes, i have almost all the mails i received at ssingh@iifm.ac.in. Sadly this email id is  no longer with me. It has been the battle field where numerous mail wars have been fought, won, lost and several armstices/truces achieved. I have been at receiving end of many mail wars, sometime as Placement Coordinator, sometime as Class Reprsentative and what not. Going back one feels how stupid we were ( I dont know about you, but i was.). The whole thing ran through the mind.

But one happy thing about that xyz@iifm.ac.in, it put us together before it died, it made all of us to fight (together) for one common cause, to make it permanent. Though we have been defeated or should i say we have not been successful, but certainly we have initiated the process and i feel one day or another we will get that.

I had not finished mourning over the demise of ssing@iifm.ac.in and came across the startling fact that http://www.iifm.org has also expired. And this is more serious, as all our official documents, carry this domain and not the alternate domain http://www.iifm.ac.in . It is also the first result when you search for IIFM in Google. So all those who will search for IIFM will be led to a non functional site/not official site of IIFM. I have done my part by informing the authorities, let see what happens next.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Death of an email id...

Official IIFM email ids' of the batch 2006 were deactivated last week...

Though the process is repeated every year for the outgoing batch, eventhen, batch resisted the move a lot and wrote to whomever they can....

Reason....for two years xyz@iifm.ac.in was identity for 44 of us, and a symbol of proud too.
It gave a sense of belongingness and ownership with the institute.
The platform was a witness of endless mailwars, assignmnets sharings, announcements by CR/Faculty and what not...anything you wanted to share, put it to Group Mail.

I dont understand why institute cannot keep these email ids forever. I dont think cyberspace is too costly nowadays and even if it costs , i believe institute is very much capable of paying(we all know, how things work in the month of March)..

Hope They will think upon it...

Till then...Orkut hai na...

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Satish Kumar- A remarkable person

Few years ago, I cam across an article in Life Positive a thought provoking interview of Satish Kumar, a person talking about environment, ecology, holistic living. The interview made me to look for some more info on Satish Kumar and his works. An easy search on google gave me enough about this amazing personality. Since then I have been regularly following his articles and his magazine ‘Resurgence’.

Mr. Satish Kumar cannot be put into the category of charismatic leader or into the category of bestselling authors by many, but he is a living example of how one person can live a life in synchronization with nature and how he can contribute through his life. As program director of Schumacher College (an institution running several programs on communal living, ecological well being, sustainable life..) he has been instrumental in getting people like James Lovelock (Gaia theory fame), Fritjof Capra (author of famous The Tao of Physics and New Wisdom).

He has been greatly influenced by personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Binoba Bhave, Bertrand Russell and has devoted all his life to great cause of ecological well being. His strong belief in living a non violent and sustainable life style has made him a champion of ecological and sustainable movements, his influence has resulted in some great institution like Beej Vidyapeeth (run by Vandana Shiva) at Dehradun, India.

Inspired by Binaba Bhave he has himself taken many walking pilgrimage across the continent to promote peace, sustainable life and ecological wellbeing without a single penny along with him. The pilgrimage walk proved efficacy of human relationship, and how human mind is stirred by compassion and generosity even in this materialistic era.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Comedy of errors....

Yesterday, Madhu came to Hyderabad to join SKS…

She had already informed Jyoti and Aparupa regarding her arrival….but because Aparupa was in a meeting , Jyoti alone went to station to receive Madhu…

Now when we came out of meeting, Aparupa called Madhu and Jyoti about whether they found each other or not….

Read the conversation below...…keep in mind the respective accent of all three ladies, how they express when they are exasperated and you will enjoy it the most.....

Place : AeA Office, Lakdi ka Pul, Hyderabad

Aparupa(To Madhu): कहा है तु? ट्रेन आ गयी क्या? ज्योती मिली तुझे? (Madhu, Where r u? Has train arrived, U met Jyoti? )

Madhu: (something-something from that side…which meant that she was unable to contact Jyoti yet)

Aparupa: ठीक है...तु रुक , मैं ज्योति को फोन करती हूँ (Ok u wait there, i will call jyoti)

Aparupa : (calls Jyoti)…तू पहुँची नही अभी तक?..(Jyoti..u didnt reachded there yet?? )

Jyoti: (something-something which meant she is trying to call Madhu…she has reached station)

Aparupa: Go to Platform number 4....
Jyoti : OK

Me: (Listening all this conversation and wondering ...why didnt they exchanged train number, coach, birth details beforehand....? )

5 Minutes later

Aparupa to Madhu : ज्योति पहुँची? (didn Jyoti reached there?)
Madhu : मेरी बात हुई उससे अभी फोन पे ..पर वो पहुँची नही अब तक.... (I talked to her on phone...but she didnt reached yet)

Aparupa: (next call to Jyoti)..क्या हुआ ज्योती? (What happened Jyoti?)

Jyoti: मैने पूरा प्लेटफॉर्म देख लिया पर वो नही मिल रही..और अब मेरा फोने भी नही लग रहा है शायद वो ६ नम्बर पर है..I searched whole platform number 4..but couldnt find her...and now even my phone is also not connecting.....it seems that she is on platform no 6 (imagine the look on jyoti's face in such situations :D )

Me(listening all this conversation in Office)- To Aparupa..Either tell Madhu not to move from where she is , or if she does not have much luggage, come to 'lakdi ka pul' taking an Auto…we will call jyoti also back .

Aparupa ( to Madhu) :@#&^&%^@*&^%E&^%E$# (Something-something in Bangoli.... imagine these two conversing in Bengali.....as good as Mangolian for me...but a nice change after hearing Telugu/Tamil for last one month)….....)

Aparupa again calling Jyoti

Aparupa to Jyoti : क्या हुआ ज्योति, कहा है तू...? वो वहीं खडी है प्लेटफोर्म ४ पे..ठीक से देख...या फिर वापस आजा..(What happened Jyoti...where are you...she is there only..on Plateform 4..look properly or come back…)

Now..here, sitting in office...i some how manage to stop my laugh.....looking again & again at Aparupa calling both of them one by one......

Suddenly, there is a short circuit in uppermost part of my body, a tubelight (may be a low voltage CFL) switches on there…I ask Aparupa to call madhu again and ask….

Aparupa : Which station are you on Madhu?

Madhu: ...Hyderabad South.....

Reapeat the same process with Jyoti

Aparupa:ज्योति..कौन से स्टेशन पे खडी है तू..? (Jyoti, which station you are on...? )

Jyoti: Secunderabad…

Aparuppa.: kyaa…......%^%^*&&&^%%!$&*

Jyoti from Other side: &^&(@*()*@!^

Hang the phone..

Me : laugh….:) :D :D

Sunday, May 07, 2006

A tale of ex-IIFM Faculty

First my where abouts: am in puri right now and involved in few small works........
Today we went to visit Bhubneswar 60 kms from puri, along with my colleague Jayesh (XIM passout ), Vipin and Ruchita (interns from IIM-L). We visited dhaulgiri the budhist stup and Nandankanan zoo and XIM.

The third place got my worst fears up........... Oh god i shud not see Mr Neeraj (guys u remmber him na) and that came true. I thought he wud not recognize me for he taught for 30 days or so only but he did recignize and then the worst things .............. he did not ask anything reg me or IIFM for the whole five minutes.................... during this he did takd to jayesh and IIM L Interns regarding some of his acuaintances but nothing reg IIFM, donot know why but its a part of ettiquete that u do not ignore a specific person in group.

Conclusion: Donotknow if he was sort of screwed up during his five year stay at IIFM , but he has not changed with his attitude and communication.............. yes i mean it.

Well just wanted to share this episode , so this vomit.

The best part of the day was actually the zoo where i saw lots of birds , reptiles and ofcourse white tigers.

When am writing this am
wearing: jeans and kurti
time: 9:50 PM
wrting: on my personal laptop
watching : tremor news in delhi

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Change is the only constant..

Writing to this blog after a long gap, a lot has change during this period. Student life at IIFM, Bhopal has come to an end and became a very beautiful chapter of my life. Suddenly visit to www.google.com has become less frequent, because now the assignments which I have got as an employee have to be done, you cannot use copy/past to complete them. You cannot even assign them to your friends (Alas! there is nothing called group assignment.) you have to do it individually. No counting of number of classes that you can miss per term, you have to attend each and every session.
On the other hand, you get a substantial amount at the end of month (No need to call home for money!), instead of thinking how to meet expenses of whole month, some thoughts of investment which can provide better returns (you start realizing that bank interest rates on deposits are very low) starts coming to your mind. Now, no longer one thinks of placements at other b-schools and what students at other b-schools are doing (unless your alma mater creeps into the discussion.)
For me, the change was too much. From India to Africa (Abidjan) . For me spending time with my family was the most precious things, now I find myself miles away, among completely different set of people, who speak different language, have different values, different culture and different attitude towards life. From once a week visit to bookshop to complete halt. Where can I go? There are no book shop selling English / Hindi books. I always used to dream about buying a lot of books once I get sufficient money to spend on them. Situation has not changed much in this case. Earlier I used to have a lot of books worth buying but not much money. Now, money is not a problem, but I cannot get the books I want to buy. My desperate visits to bookshops at different malls and shopping complex yielded no result. All you can get is French books and magazines. Though some English magazines I can get but not sufficient enough satisfy my voracious hunger. Though you can find a lot of those magazines, whose sell does not depend on the language, there is nothing to be read, but a lot to be seen.
But, scarcity of English books has given me one more reason to learn French, apart from being necessity in a francophone country, so very soon I would be having something to read.

Sunday, February 26, 2006


It does not seems to long when i bade final good baye to my seniors on this plateform only after their placment farewell party...and now its time for me to say goodbye...we are in the last phase of IIFM life and will be finishing on 28th of this month...

Bathc gave placement party to faculty and juniors yestreday and will be getting farewell High Tea on 28th evening....

and then everything will change and these days will just become memories...

Though again have to come back on 1st april for convocation....will be recieving my diploma...gives a good feeling...but how these 20 months passed away...i dont know...just seem a few days back, i was here, full of uncertainities and anxiety, weighing my options whether i shoul take admission here or some other institute and now, here i m , passing away, with a good job and woth lots of memories..

Thank You IIFM, for everything u blessed me with...

With Love...

Friday, February 24, 2006

Memories of Kalpataru

After a short break..rather a small pause..I am continuing to express my views in this beautiful world of words. This would be one of the finest blogs I have ever posted cause they are the sweet experiences that I have gained at IIFM. To start with- Kalpataru- 2006 is the recent festival that I have attended with all the zeal and enthusiasm. Well, I had to travel for 20 hrs to attend the fest at the cost of my health. The very first day, when I entered the campus, I heard the news of One minute show that was to be held in 20 min. Just to participate in that, I had to get fresh in 15 minutes...and finally I was in the competetion room. Well, I was received by all of my dear iifmites heartily..I can never forget this..I was greeted by each and everybody who saw me in the campus..and I felt very happy to see people remebering one and wishing you inspite of their hectic shcedules..this was one of the finest moments at iifm.
Later during the one minute show, I had crossed the first level..and also second level..and then came the monster third level..where I had to twist my tongue...The word I was given---OONT OONCHI- OONT KI POONCH OONCHI- OONCHI POONCH OONT KI- Man, I really had to fight to pronounce it, and finally gave it up..But the hall was all the way laughing to their hearts after seeing my struggle to pronounce it..anyways..let me lose the game..but I could enthrall the audience for a while which is more than enough for me...
The next was singing competetion...Hmmm now I didnt have any songs, as I have kept my dairy at my home..So, I started surfing the net and chose some inetersting songs..after seeing the bigshots in the hall, I couldn't dare enough to participate. But still thought of giving it a try..finally my name was called..and I was holding the mic..God, I have started singing but atlast I could not catch the scale..the memories of my performance on stage and in All India Radio were smothering me, as I was performing pathetically. Finally I gave a nod and stopped singing and returned back to my seat...Well still some of my fans appreciated my performance (Probably they dont want me to see crying)!! Guys thanks for your appreciation!!!!!!
And now the D Day has come...Myself and very best buddies Aru and Trayee were all gearing up to present ourselves in the function. We cladded in glittering saris and tried all cosmetics on our faces.....Ofcourse, we received beautiful complements..and nobody dared to comment us..So, finally we were in the audience seats..and were enjoying the performances by pfm batches, faculty members and small kids...I was cherishing my memories of my school and college where I had to sing a song and perform a dance on the D Days...it was like a must for me..and I performed on the stage for nearly 15 yrs..This is the first time, I was in the audience seat and enjoyed the whole programe...
Atlast I would end up my boring writing with a few words (ofcourse written by me)
My wishes to all the pfm 2006 guys who will be now jobholders and the most responsible citizens of this nation...
Guys!!!!! rock the world and keep the campus's name high...............

Sunday, February 19, 2006


Kalpataru-2006 culminated on Friday Night with the cultural programs.Some pics...

PFM 2006 Cricket Team With GOLD

A Fabulous Skit "Rail ka Dabba" By PFM 2007

Skit "Sadachaar ka Tabeez" by PFM 2006

Ending with "..Hum to saat rang hai"

All Photos: Sanjay Prasad, PFM 2007

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Could not write here anything since long...seems other mates were also too busy( reasons may be placement fever, tight schedule or simple laziness..anyway, updates on some of the happenings in the campus ....

Placements were as per expectations (excellent ;))...almost over...still some organisations coming...most of the people have 2 or more offers in their kitty :)

IIFM celebrated its Silver Jubilee Foundation Day on 6th February...It is really pround to be a part of the institution which has completed 25 years of its journey and has established itself as one of the best in th sector....Congratulations to all current and past faculty, alumni and all other members of IIFM fraternity for the achievement.

IIFM becomes the member of Bhopal Chapter of SPIC-MACAY...that means we will now be hosting various cultural events which are organised by SPIC-MACAY, at IIFM campus. Started with a puppet and Jazz show by a Norwaygeon Group on 8th Feb. and really, this was one of the best show i have ever watched....

And its celebration time again. Celebrating yearly week-long annual fest Kaplataru from 13th-17th February....so the campus at present is abuzz with all kinds of sports, cultural and literary activities...

Now the sad part...2006 batch is on the verge of finishing their time at campus. We are finishing our course on 28th Feb....and will be leaving for a short break before we join our repective organisations and start new phase of our lives....Though most of us will be here for convocation whih is scheduled in March.

Images From SPIC-MACAY Night(8 Feb)

Photos By: Sanjay Prasad, PFM 2007

Monday, February 13, 2006

PFM 2006 - List of Students

The PFM 2006 Batch

  • Abhishek Anand
  • Abhishek Chaudhary
  • Akhand Tiwari
  • Akshai Abraham
  • Alok Kashyap
  • Amit Bajaj
  • Anil Kumar Singh
  • Anup Singh
  • Aparupa Chatterjee
  • Ashirbad Das
  • Avijit Kishore
  • Bhaskar Lakshakar
  • Dipender Sharma
  • Jaspal Shakya
  • Jyotilata Pegu
  • Madhusree Sarker
  • Manoj M
  • Michelle Thomas
  • Mukul Kumar
  • Nalini Beck
  • Nitin Bagla
  • Nitu Goel
  • Paramjyoti Chattopadhay
  • Parthasarthi Mishra
  • Pooja Kaim
  • Prabhat Upadhaya
  • Priyank Pradeep
  • Pushkar Parashar
  • Rahul Kumar Singh
  • Ranjan Kumar
  • Richa
  • Rohit Toppo
  • Ruchi Tripathi
  • Samvatsar Mandar
  • Santosh Singh
  • Saurabh Kumar
  • Shashi Ranjan
  • Shyam Patro
  • Subhash Das
  • Subhendu Ghorami
  • Subhrajyoti Saha
  • Swapan Mehra
  • Ushnish Chattopadhaya
  • Virender Sikanaya

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Friends always Help

The placements in campuss are almost over and now the no of offers per student is increasing ie everybody is having a job in his/her kitty and more companies are cominmg. As far am concerned I was disppointed on the very first day but next Sun came with smiles and I was through. Similarly all of us had Sun's favor one day or other. partying out and enjoying rest of the stay in campuss has already started. Mid term xams are on and still I donot remember where are all the notes, probably for the first time during my stay in IIFM. The CIS stuff is also unable to exert any stress this time......................

Donot know but am very desperate to write one of my experiences today when we were dinning out (one in the chain of parties scheduled). It was like dream come true..............., I will go little back to my 10+2 days, those days really determined my future, me and my friend (my best friend ever "Rakesh") never took studies seriuosly and dreamt of lives with Girlfriends ( It was very late when we got that both have same dream girl). Spot near railwayline was the favourite one, and with the number of trains passing by our dreams flourished.

Now the dream ................................. with all of knowledge of girlfriends and life after we always thought of fighting with respective girlfriends over silly matters just to make life a bit salty so that more of sugar can be added.............. :-). so for what to fight for...... the GFs are now graduated to wives and we would fight over a movie to watch, place to go, and cuisine for dinner, lady in offices....................

thanx a lot for dream come true (for the lady and gentleman responsible)............. Friends really help.

May god keep you together always..................... amen

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

Wishing whole IIFM fraternity a very Happy, Cheerful and Prosperous New Year
May God bless you and your all Dreams be fullfilled