Sunday, August 28, 2005

LookSmart's Furl - Cool utility to save online pages..

LookSmart’s Furl ( is great help for all those people who do a lot of work (content search) on the web. Its main USP is facility to save all those webpages online and providing access to them whenever you want.
Considering the amount of research (!?) we have to do, while making assignments, it’s a great boon for us, as

1.You can save all the relevant webpage you have come across online, without consuming your precious hard disk space. It also saves a lot of time compared to saving on the hard disk.

2.You can search these pages, using keywords, topics, as it indexes all the pages by subjects, keywords and topics.

3.You can share the saved webpages, with other people, syndicate with your website/blogs using RSS. You can also make your archive private and only share a certain part of that to others.
4.You can comment upon those saved webpages, rate them according to their usefulness and quality.

Now, we can have track of all the webpages consulted for a particular assignment and we can have a look at them whenever we want and wherever we want. We can also share those pages with other people, by just sending them a link .. for example
a visit to this link will give you access to all the pages I have saved online and made them public.

To use this you have just simply have to register with . To get more info on how to add/save pages online go to .
The following article tells you about 10 coolest things you can do with furl.

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Monday, August 15, 2005

Independence Day Volleball Match Pics

IIFM Faculty getting ready for the game.
PFM 2006 Vs. MRM 2006
PFM 2006 Vs. MRM 2006