Thursday, July 28, 2005

State of Fear

I have just finished reading Michael Crichton’s State of Fear…

It is a fiction with Theory of Climate Change & Global Warming at its base and what I liked about it was that MC tries to go against the traditional theories regarding climate change that it is leading to melting of glaciers or floods or disease or blah blah blah…

Though I still believe that too much human intervention with nature is leading us to some kind of destruction and climate change may be a part of that but this book tries to put the points other way round an that too with ample amount of references of various papers published in journals or data from various government agencies like NASA.

The message ,it wants to deliver is that human beings know very little about the earth and its environment and it is merely impossible for us to predict the changes in climate….or even to say that are these changes for sure and these are results of human interventions only or they are results of some other natural processes.

MC also holds responsible to a PLM (politico-legal-media) factor for the latest hue n cry over the issues of global warming and climate change….stating that at any point of time these factors are always in search of some or other issues(anybody remember fuss over Y2K issue?)

Some excerpts from the book...

“…The data show that one small area called Antarctica Peninsula is melting and calving huge icebergs. That’s what get reported year after year. But the continent as a whole is getting cooler and ice is getting thicker…” (References included)

“…There are one hundred sixty thousand glaciers in the world. About 67000 have been inventoried …….mass balance data extending five years or more for only seventy nine glaciers in the world…so how can you say they are melting or not?....”

“The effect of Kyoto would be to reduce warming by .04 degrees Celsius by Year 2100…”

and at last….I was wondering, about what an in-depth research of the concerned subjects author has done before starting to write a book(Same thing i thought about Dan Brawn for Da Vinci Code.)

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