Tuesday, July 19, 2005

So there lots been cookin up here, its fine that now Anon. is no more Anon. Thanx for kind gesture of revealing urself.
These blogs (Comments on Amitabh Mausi..) should act as a caution for information providers who induldge in giving (mis)information and also the inf. seekers shud be very cautious from whom they are seeking inf....
BTY it was very heartening to learn that two of our Alumni got married LONG LIVE IIFM CULTURE.......... amen
Wish them best of luck for their married life. Mr. Haddock do tell if they plan to come to IIFM

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Anonymous IIFMite said...


Did I reveal Myself somewhere? I never knew that, I am still anonymous man! By the way if you know who I am , batao mera naam kya hai, Basanti?
I heard these days IIFM has installed some Super Cyber Nanny that doesn't let people remain anonymous....to kya CSR se poochna hoga ....ab mera kya hoga Guruji?


Glad to hear this Amitabh-Mausi kahani...sometime back there was a song quite popular in IIFM-
" Apun bola, tu meri laila, woh boli tu to IIFM ka hai, SAALA!
Apun Jab bhi IIFM bolta hai, usko IIM Kaiku lagta hai re?"

Ofcourse I did not quite like this song that shows how frustrated people get, particularly in the first year, but this happens!

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