Saturday, June 18, 2005

Rural Innovations

This is first time I am writing on the blog. Currently at the verge of completing my first OT....would be moving back to home tomorrow. It was really a nice experience to work with National Innovation Foundation, Ahmedabad. I got a real-time project to work on a portfolio of innovations done by grassroots people. I worked on six innovations preparing investment opportunity documents for them. This project brought a lot of learning’s to me. All the six cases belong to various fields and varied nature. They ranged from FMCG product like toothbrush to social product like pine needles crusher and stove. All had different challenges in their sector. All the innovations were at different stages of product life cycle. Few were at the concept stage while few where almost at ready to market stage. Few were even at testing stage.
Working on these innovations provided a deep insight about the vast and rich knowledge that exists at the grassroots. The common population has great ideas and traditional knowledge, which if effectively utilized can change the whole scenario of the society. This project also gave me the best exposure to the difficulties and intricacies involved in the new product development. This helped me in understanding that only novelty of innovation cannot make a product successful in market.
Best part of the project was that i was supposed to scout for entrepreneurs and licensees for transferring these grassroots technologies for successful commercialization and I finally succeeded in finding an entrepreneur who became ready to invest 1-1.5 lakhs for product development of an innovation. Hope this brings a change to the life of the innovator who being in the profession of rickshaw pulling has faced a lot of difficulties to carry out his innovation. .

Mukul Jain
(the post was sent to me by email.. - santosh)


Nitin Bagla said...

Any innovation to keep the room clean ? :))

Hemu said...

well santosh singh,

yaar, have u heard about RIN - rural innovations network,it's an org started by PAUL BASIL an iifm alumni only, doing great work in the field of entrepreneurship promotion among rural innovators in south india, hope u would get more info from him, also plz refer to OUTLOOK July18th 2005 good artcle has come out related to these things, great going yaar.

Nitin Bagla said...

Hi the same line, visit this is a good article on rural innovations