Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Differences....., We Made.....

It has been arnd 9 months at IIFM & now we are in post mid-term session of third term.Have gained a lot from IIFM and tried to contribute our bit.We have always said that our batch is "different".It should be.....after all it consists of more than 12-13 engineers(including me;). There are a lot things which we did for the first time in IIFM,plus some which we not did.I was trying to compile all these since last few days.Here is a brief analysis.
*The list is indicative and not exahustive...suggestions for "more" additions are welcome.Also the credit for "did/got new" also goes to initiatives of Director(espacially SAC) and not PFM 2006 only.
What we did new…
  • IIFMites participated in various intercollegiate level competitions & won!!!!
  • First time in IIFM, Organized an Intercollegiate event (Open House during Kalpataru)
  • Organized various debate, poetry, brainstorming sessions
  • Exclusive Kalpataru website
  • Media coverage of KT
  • Got our own Student Affairs Council

What we not did (but was expected from us)....

  • No Sampark….
  • No Skit at Kalpataru
  • No one above OGPA 4 :(.

What we got new…

  • Fulltime Director
  • Class timings changed to 8:30-1:45, No Classes after lunch (under normal circumstances)
  • Net connection in Hostel
  • A Nescafe outlet in campus

What we not got...

  • No Blazers this time
  • No FRI Dehradoon trip
  • No Amarkantak/Pachmadhi trip (All three..thanks to COST CUTTING operations)


Pranav said...

ok guys...small corrections here...and rejoinders:
our batch had more than 10 engineers in a class of 33..and it doesnt make the batch any more different...

which were the colleges that took part in the intercollegiate functions at Kalpataru?any MBA instts better than IIFM?Great, if yes...sad, if no...

We also had a kalpataru website..so..umm...its not really new...but I guess would be..given the fact that its not a regular thing

We also got media coverage of KT...though probly not as good as you guys got...bhopalis are anyways more or less in awe of IIFM...atleast the ones I met/keep meeting...what we need is coverage outside of bhopal/MP..national coverage..was there any?

Good that someone is thinking of an OGPA above 4...:)..studies somehow become an underrated aspect at IIFM...hit the library folks...study not for mugging-vomitting, but for filing away for future reference..esp those that dont come with work ex.

No classes after lunch is so cool...I hope you guys get many more assignments to keep you madly busy like an MBA student should be

Net connection is even cooler..use it judiciously

blazers/FRI/Amarkantak - though good fun, all three are eminently useless trips - from a future-use point of view. The blazers hardly ever fit well and suck in cloth quality, the FRI is basically a heads-up to the IGNFA dudes that we exist and a good jamborie to mussorie and the Amarkantak is a basically screwed trip because of the faculty involved trying to make money and imposing some very stupid norms on grown up students. All make for good photo-ops and some nostalgic sighs but hardly anything else. You'd be better off spending the time doing some good assignments...haha...I think I'm sounding too sadistic now..:)...organise yourselves together and do a pachmarhi/khajuraho/ajanta-ellora over a random weekend...its good fun.

Nitin Bagla said...

Hi Pranav
Was glad to read all those comments. Seems u came here after a long gap

Thanx for ur correctios & rejoinders but never thought of so harsh comments when wrote this post…:(

anyway what all I wrote was not to demean any previous batch or prove anyone inferior. I think u took the title “The Differences…We Made” in some different way because I definitely not meant that that all new things were because of us. Obviously Net connection or change in schedule or cancellation of some trips was not at all our domain ;) (that’s why I especially mentioned Director) BUT the point was our batch experienced/did something different . It does not mean that others not did/felt different but I was only concerned with 2004-06 here.

Regarding organizing intercollegiate event, it is true that all the collages were from Bhopal, included non MBA collages also (MANIT, NLUI) plus some local MBA collages but it’s just starting. Because IIFM does not have any experience in organizing any management events in past(exclude MDPs:)) it was necessary to take some experience and then go for big event(some sort of trail). We r thinking of organizing an intercollegiate event of national level may be in late this year (this is not a commitment/confirm news but there are fair chances) but it is still a fact that no past batch organized such event previously and it is also true that for the first time IIFMites participated & won in events outside IIFM Boundaries.

I knew that KT website was also made in past once (read once at iifm alumni mail) but it was a few years back & so I just included it.

I agree that Media coverage of KT was only in newspapers and TV channels coming from Bhopal & not outside and we were unable to get any National attention except some self written articles on Web(that is International;) ).

Academically our batch is definitely considered far below our immediate seniors who r all considered a very Padhakoo batch (Proved it with good placements,)and I was definitely not thinking of touching ‘4’ when I wrote that post ;).

Hostel Net connection & “Free after Lunch” (some alumni couldn’t believe that when they came to know during last alumni meet (September)) are really cool things and we are trying to make full use of that ;)

Rest regarding Trips or blazers, everyone tells us same thing (that they are wastage of time and money) but one do not experience that until one has passed through it himself. and it always seemed a good chance to enjoy.We heard that Amarkantak usually proved to be fruitful for Singles ;) so at least there was a chance.

No comments on engineers stuff as I m also a part of that Bunch...sorry ...League.

Forgot to write one more change which came to my mind just now.Stipend Reduced To 1200/- :((

Pranav said...

ok....never meant this as a harsh comment..I've always marvelled at how much you guys are doing during your stay there...we were almost childish in comparison and hardly tried to be better...so kudos to all of you for trying so hard at clutching whatever straws you can! I cant praise you and your senior batch enough for having done many things that no other batch thought of/had the initiative to do.

I've always rued the lack of exposure IIFM gets in the national media...inspite of, in the words of Prof Malcolm Harper (who I met and got talking to, about IIFM), has EXCELLENT quality students but an equally pathetic faculty. So I guess if y'all can make the dent on national media in terms of PR etc...more power to you...an idea...economic times on mon/tues features a page of articles from educational instt/MBAs...start writing there....and also try to cultivate people in newspapers/business magazines.

I still reiterate...dont depend only on classes to learn...try to imbibe as much as you can..from the library and from your own classmates...and you wont ever have to bother about OGPAs...but dont let things like amarkantak/FRI waste your time...i agree one can criticise only after one has experienced and enjoyed the trips (and they remain extremely fun, memorable trips)...while people in other MBAs were learning more relevant things...which I then had to spend nights in my job, pouring on books and learning about.

And haha..I agree...the amarkantak trip is when many relationships get cemented...thanks for pointing that out...:) Dont worry, though...get enterprising and organise your own weekend getaway...:)

Pranav said...

oh and...dude...Bhopal was a very very rushed 8-hour trip..i wanted to come to IIFM but was pretty delayed and had to rush back to the station. I never miss it otherwise...and never will..so apologies for not having paid a visit.

Nitin Bagla said...

Hmmmmmm!That sounded very soothing
Thanx for those words of praise :).

Regarding lack of exposure everyone here accepts that fact.
A few days ago...Director called a press conference for announcing final placement results...(we heard that some national news channels were also invited), but only local ones turned up :(.In his address there, he also stressed to media that u have been UNFAIR to us till now, we want ur(Media's) support & please give us enough coverage(at least whatever we deserve). Lately IIFM has been in Bhopal media regularly(all for +ve reasons :)) and hope we can cross Bhopal/MP boundaries.

Writing in ET is a good idea...thanx for that..we will try for that...bye