Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Conflict

Dear friends
We have seen some great conflict in IIFM in last few days ( kalpataru week). Each one of us have supposedly different reasons to which we can attach the conflict. I hereby propose a universal reason which i suppose would be acceptable to one and all. The main and possiblly the only reason for the entire conflict is the vacation in kalpataru week. We have got no work and thus are left with no option other than engaging ourselves in some conflict. Just imagine what wopuld have been the scenario had there been no vacation during the kalpataru week.
The "workload" of the classes would have easily send the ideas of a boycott to the backdrop of our mind. Even if we would have boycotted the event, a slight persuasion by faculty would have been sufficient to melt out resilience. There would have been no series of mail and we would not have witnessed the attack and counter attack and the following ambience of mistrust. IIFM would not have witnessed the series of GBMs and there would not have been volley of comments. Having said that i feel that our batch should behave in a more matured way and we should get into a pracitice of organisinf atleast 1 GBM every day so that in vacation we dont get frustrated as Mandhar said" yaar main to pagal ho jaaonga".


Anonymous said...

Hi IIFMites, Thanks for inviting me in the Kalpataru. I got it in time, but I am still struggling here with the JOb, and so can't make it to this time. SOrry to all of you!

Yaar, I don't wnat to interfere in your batch ka panga but just wanted to say that please never ever get frustrated with all this. I know you all are budding professionals and you would be able to resolve it amicably. If it gets worse, you can even ask the alumni Bhopal Chapter to intervene. They would sort the whole thing out- as they have done so many times in past.

Fights during Kalpataru is not common though. WOnder what could have led to this in such a nice occasion where even the arch enemies in the batch become friends-no matter how short the duration may be!!!

Relax people, Kalpataru is meant for enjoying life, don't waste this chance. WHo knows when you will have this chance again! I am missing the Bamboosa party for years now!!!


Bye and take care all of you!

Unknown IIFMite

Pranav said...

Dont worry guys...!!! fights are a very normal part of life...dont you remember what rekha singhal taught you in OBI...norming storming....guess the storming phase peeps up every now and then. Also, fights are good for a simple reason that it encourages democratic expression of thought...and huh...someone wise once talked of order emerging only from chaos...the entropy chill..and enjoy life everyday...
GBMs every sun ke to mai pagal ho gaya dude...dont you guys have better things to do...blast out your opponents with a game of basketball for eg...:)