Friday, February 18, 2005

The "Class" Of 2004-06 Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Hi Nitin!
Nice snap I must say. DO you notice two yellow pathces on the wall in the extreme rigth hand, middle of screeen? Ever wondered what they are?
Well, they are the remnants of the Kalptaru Notice put up by one of the batches. Which batch any gusesses? was..1998-2000 batch which had put this yellow poster and I am glad that it is still there.

Historical thing, isn't it?

Nitin Bagla said...

Hi dear Anonymous....
Very nice 2 hear from u. I just checked those historical scars ;), & was they survived 5 years..(never noticed them before)!!!!
But cant understand..why u r hiding urself? Any HISTORICAL reason :)...plz share ur identity with us(as also requested by Santosh in the post above...)..We will be delighted to know abt u...& hear more frm u.