Friday, November 26, 2004

Exams Finished.. Masti Starts

Second term final exzams are finished today and now everybody is in mood to enjoy(everyone have different ways to enjoy).
& waiting for field trip(there is going to be a lot of brainstorming on that ;).

& something abt exams....UB N SERE were too lengthy, i was yawning while wrting in exams and Toppo told that he had one or two naps while writing the SERE exam today.QT was Phadoo as usual.FMN and MANACC were moderate.& i dont want to say anything abt FO.

For me , i think i managed OK in exams as per my JIT preparations.

And now i m planning to watch lots of movies...............

Friday, November 19, 2004

Writing After Long Time

Writing Here After A long time (around 2 months)& i dont understand why everybody has stopped writing here.A lot of water has flown during
these days.Many activities took place n many didnt.Some people went beyond the walls of IIFM and performed at national level And won.

The second term is about to over(just one week)and as usuall wheni look back i m unable to think what haapened during all these months.Why it happens that when a certain period of time passes away, it seems that the moment was just too short.

there were may tense moments, Assignments(which always seemed unmamagable before deadlines & always used to finish just 1-2 hours before deadlines), presentations etc. but all is well that ends

The OGPA of first term is out n somehow i managed to cross 3.I think i should improve it.

And now Field Trip.Everybody is dreaming of field trip now.It is still uncertain where we will go but excitement is too high.I have applied for Kerala & just dying to get it.I have done my 9th n 10th from there only n i just love that place.
The bad part is FRI Dehradun Trip is cut and we will miss it.

But At present main concern is end term examinations (starting from 22)& its preparations & i will have to perform miracles to get good grades.
May God Bless Me.
Good Night.