Friday, September 17, 2004

Second Term,First Week

This was only first week of second term & i was not able to write even a single post here.Not even abt my exams,which were as per my expectations and preparations(Acc. to Dr CVRS i improved in QT ;-).
I dont know how time slipped.and i dont know what i did this week.

Though there was a good news.I won three prizes in competitions held in Hindi Fortnight.

& in bad news ... Lost vollyboll with seniors(snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.)

Anyway.. tomorrow we r goin to have Alumni Convention.Our first Major function at IIFM.Hope alumnis turn up in good number.My roomie Mukul is Alumni Coordinator & he has worked like anything this week.
Bechara... hasnt been able to take his afternoon siesta since many days.

Expecting a good weekend......

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