Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I am tired

The UB class yesterday has really impressed me and right after the class I was doing all those activities which I m not supposed to do , I was serching the conflict in my mind but I donot know whether there was any !!!!!!!!!!!!

was there really I conflict I can't say but at this moment I m really suffering. I donot know if the conflict is with deep subconscious mind............ or with the very upper layer, I know I have to submitt QT assignment,WAC assignment, SERE case study, QT case study , there are many stuff related to Qt I don't remember. Then MANAC oh my god !!! I have just played with it and now the ratios are gonna paly hide n seek with me..........

the conflict is there n I m tired too but I donot have sleep in my eyes nor in mind and yes I m thinking of not sleeping at all ????????? I do not wanna sleep.

Oh my God is this a new Theory (no sleep though tired ) OH !!!!!!!! ya I have donnit I knew ONE day I will give new theory n I may get a biggggggg award.......foreign tourrrrrrrrr ........honorary degreeeeeeeeeeeees............oh

I must get down now i have to study alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ya before ending, for every girl who is reading this ............

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