Sunday, September 05, 2004

Dil Ka Dard

I don’t know what I m going to write in exams tomorrow.
It is the Big Brother QT(Which means to me QuiT),Containing hell lot of syllabus(Almost full book).& as I m used to selective study I have selected my parameters, Null hypothesis being ..I will pass & assuming that it will be accepted by Dr.CVRS. But I don’t know which test to apply :-(.
Regarding remaining subjects the condition is same and I will have to burn much oil this week.
And today we r going to celebrate Teachers Day in evening. Hope they give us their blessings to do well in exams….
So friend All the best for the coming Week…..& think of next weekend.


shyam said...

Karm karte raho vats phal ki chinta karoge to vahi hoga jo jo jo jo manjure khuda hoga........

Mandar Samvatsar said...

can somebody buy him a cup of coffe ;-). Take a chill pill yaar.