Tuesday, September 21, 2004

100 Days @ IIFM

Today is my 100th day at IIFM
Really a milestone
It seems that just yesterday I joined here…….,How worried I was, making up my mind , whether to join or not, then the orientation & intro phase(Norming stage).
How the first term passed….those heavy QT I classes…Exceeeelent UB I classes….Surveys….BBA…BC…..LC Ka BC & many more such things.
& now reached in second term.seems that 21 months will pass like that & one day I will be leaving with a good job.


Anonymous said...

Congrats, ppl:)
on your 100 days here! I bumped into this blog by accident (blogging is my fave past-time in the nights) and it all made for very good reading...:)

Anonymous said...

Cooool man!!!

You really remind me of those hectic days when we used to get 5 assignments a day and had to finish them off on the night before the deadline. I remember my personal record of getting info, drafting, doing cut and paste ops, taking a printout and submitting the case study for SERE in...hold your breath..10 minutes FLAT. I got 'A' to top it!!! Can you beat this? Of course you people can...you are smarter than us.Although our batch was the one that fought for and got 24 hour net connectivity to IIFMites, I am happy to see the subsequent batches making optimal use of it.

These were the IIFM days,however,once out, we were the ones who slogged in the remotest areas for years and proved that we are good not just in report writing and deskjob, but for field as well. Even our arch rivals commend IIFMites for this this quality.

I just want to convey you all that you people are ready to shine-just play your cards carefully and dont ever feel inferior to anybody. I am not boasting of IIFM, but in our field, we are the Gentleman of the Jungle(Sherkhan) and we have avery bad habit of invading and capturing other beasts' territories!!!!


All the best, please pass this on to as many IIFMites as you can,please! I want to share my confidence with as many of us as possible.

Love you all, love IIFM. I will be there shortly, see you all then.

Qasam Bamboosa party ki, IIM/IRMA par bhari hain hum!!!