Friday, August 20, 2004

why this ?

First of all sorry to all those who watched the hockey match few hours before. The match was very well placed and we were realy doing well(remember we posted two goals within two minutes).Then notion of being cheated always teases me?

yes! Its not my alone views evrybody of us will share that the refree was (not a bit) but more biased.The australian player was just shown a green card while he tried hockey stick wrongly while dhanraj was sent out even when he drew back his stick well in time. There were many occasions when he oversaw there faults and penalised us.

I donot know why this persists and again is not limited to hockey. There is same story in cricket,but in both game we play so well that no cheating and foul would let us down and I think this is the only spirit which can help us.

but frens can we do something ???

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