Thursday, August 05, 2004

Ranjan's first day at iifm

hello all of you,
I am a student of PFM batch 2006 at IIFM.I am from Gomoh,Dhanbad,Jharkhand.I have completed my graduation from indore. I want to share my experience of my first day at iifm.As i was in a management college already,getting into iifm was a conscious decision for me.When i had come for gd/pi to iifm,i was enchanted by the environment out here.I had subconsciously made my mind that i will join iifm.First day was full of excitement and thrill of not only seeing the campus,buildings but also here and there natural creatures like snakes,lizards etc.,infact it was the first time experience for many of us to actually see these so near.The faculty out here is very cooperative,and understanding.And iifm actually provides ample scope in its sector not only in india but also in whole world.Actually i have already started thinking that how will i live after getting out of iifm,leaving the pollution free environment,salubrious food and cooperative faculties.With our arrival also the Director Sir has come to iifm,and I am looking forward to the day when IIFM reaches its culminating heights.thanks all Ranjan kumar

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