Thursday, August 12, 2004

QT , UB both 1


Here in IIFM day by day some things are being cleared and some are becoming more and more complex. The later category includes studies especially the QT 1, and UB1 stuff ie both the one’s are creating a lot of nuisance and confusions. Every body thinks I m good at QT but only I know the reality.The most important thing that should not miss away is the way we enjoy some of very boring classes and for that I would like to thank all of those great guys ( Nitin ,Shyam please carry on the good work.).Nitin is really a revolution in the classroom(hum badlenge yug badlega).There are sometimes when few very irresponsible questions make us bore, Guys please refrain from SILLY questions , and yes after few hours from now we all will be ( I don’t know happy or ……..) after the QT 1 marks are revealed. Please always be merry this is part and parcel of life.

Many of us who were hibernating since the IIFM syllabus started are now out. Yes! u all have got it right but its very great that sooner or later they start feeling the campus as there own and it’s very Important.
Since the party hosted by the PFM cell I wanted to write about the fantastic plays by the classmates they really did the marvelous job. The add regarding (Levi’s since 1957) was really a good creation kudos to all the participating members. The second play enacting was good one and for me the last most scene when the real thag asks for the time was the most appreciative. But we know the mother of all was the commentary by Geoff Boycott (Saurabh)he really made stomachaches to everybody . That was really a masterpiece.

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