Thursday, August 05, 2004

mba -:students and the examinee

in a mba institute(not iifm) 4 students just before the exam night partied the whole night and sloshed out. as a result they were not able to reach the exam venue at time and got there after the exams. they cooked up a storythat yesterday night they visited a far off place and while returning they had a flat tyre and they didnt had a spare tyre . they soiled their cloth greased their hand and went to the examiner with this story. the examiner sympathised with them and agreed to take their exam the next day.when the 4 reached the place next day the examiner said that as it is a speacial case so they have to give the exams in seprate room.
when they got the paper the first question was nor mal of 5 marks.
the second question was of 95 marks and the question was" which tyre".

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