Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Is it blogging??

My this blog is dedicated to those bloggers who have mastered the art of ctr+c and ctr+v. Let me explain something about blogging.
The phenomenon, which is known as blogging today, started in 1994 and it was more of a personal kind of writing people used to do on the web. But, right now it has become a major tool of expression and community building for the people world over. There are numerous website dedicated for blogging.
Here, I would like to indicate that there is nothing wrong with ctr+c (copy) and ctr+v (paste), if you want to put some information which is valuble to all, but have it in mind that the quality of blog indicates quality of a person's intellect,imagination, creativity and presentation skill, so if you are producing through technology driven by ctr+v and powered by ctr+v, it shows your intellect level, and it does not show to us (c'mon, we know how talented we are!) but to everyone who is reading the blog, and they are not getting impression of me or you, but of an IIFM grad.
I know, most of you would be thinking, I am giving a didactic lecture, but I am not. Actually what I am doing, I am trying to introduce you to "Blogging" in proper way, which I failed to do earlier. So I am sorry for that.
I have given link to some b-school bloggers on the side bar, that will help you understand what blogging is all about.
By the way, I would like to thank Mandar, Swapan, Akshai, Ranjan, Nitin, Akhand and all other for their regular contributions.
If anyone wants to have more information about the blogging, or anykind of help, please send an email to san1378@yahoo.com.

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